Cinecom Jr. magazine – Japanese Star Wars special

Cinecom Jr. Star Wars. Cover featuring BB-8. 2017. Japan.

Aimed at Japanese kids, this issue of Cinecom Jr. is an eight page special published in 2017 to conicide with the Star Wars film The Last Jedi. Japan has always had a love affair with the droids from the Star Wars universe, so it’s no surprise to see the skittish and adorable astromech droid BB-8 gracing the cover. Contents include features on the Star Wars film trilogies, plus a super fun-looking board game!

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Thanks for looking, stay well, healthy, and MTFBWY 😎

5 thoughts on “Cinecom Jr. magazine – Japanese Star Wars special

  1. This reminds me of all the board games I used to make with bits of paper and felt tip pens as a child. Such happy days. Will have to dig out my family guy star wars specials. Show them to the grandkids

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  2. Hi TVTA, there must be a Force and it moves in mysterious ways (more on this later). I love these Japanese print ads and media…it all has this sort of 80’s feel to them (a bit like bubblegum card styling). Great collection as usual.
    Now I referred to the Force earlier, well…I made one final attempt to revive my poorly laptop and guess what? It only went and re-installed Windows! I am flabberghasted as I followed the exact same process I had tried three times before but this afternoon it worked. I am at a loss to explain it but I’m just going to keep my fingers crossed it continues to operate! I hope life has been kind to you too today, stay safe and thanks!

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      • Hi again, thanks but I don’t know what I did differently. I had tried the USB drive re-install three times prior and had failure. Then I just thought “what the heck I’ll try once more” and it worked. I have taken precautions this time though – I have made a Restore Point and am keeping a working USB Recovery Drive from now on! Hope all is well for you and your clan! Stay safe.


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