Raleigh bicycles

TVTA is pleased to present catalogue images and print adverts featuring bicycles as made by the Nottingham based British bicycle manufacturer Raleigh.

Raleigh catalogue. Circa 1978. France.

Raleigh cover rear. Raleigh catalogue. C1978. France.

Images from the Coventry Transport Museum, England.

Coventry Transport Museum.

Coventry Transport Museum.

Coventry Transport Museum.

Print adverts – Raleigh BMX

Other print adverts

25 Raleigh Grifter bikes prize competition. 1980. UK.

Thank you for cycling over bumpy roads with us 🙂

12 thoughts on “Raleigh bicycles

  1. Hi TVTA, as you know I had a Diamondback BMX but Mrs T does still own a near perfect Burner BMX (just needs new tubes and an oil) All the pads are on it too! I really liked the look of the Vektar but only ever saw one. I did get to ride it for a minute or two.
    Later I got into cycling seriously to keep fit and had two racing cycles one of which was a Raleigh Pursuit Racer Custom. It was astounding, full alloys, carbon fibre…the works…it was so lightweight I could extend my forefinger and lift it by the crossbar. More great memories – thanks and continue to stay safe, thinking of ya.

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    • Cool she still has a Burner. I never saw a Vektar until my visit to the Coventry transport museum where I snapped the pics. A pretty amazing bike really.
      Your Raleigh Pursuit sounds brilliant. I had a 10 speed Marlboro. Then two different Raleigh mountain bikes, a custom road bike, a custom BMX, and finally my trusty Cannondale M500 which I still use. I also have the frame and various parts for a French bespoke Cyfac racer which I’d love to rebuild one day.
      Thanks for sharing your bike memories! Love bikes. Stay safe too mate!

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      • Hi, my Pursuit Racer must have been good as it was stolen….but good news, I had it stamped with my postcode so it was found by the police. Only problem was that when I got the letter saying they had recovered it I went to collect it from the station but was told they hadn’t found it…..BUT I just happened to wander around the storeroom and LOW AND BEHOLD I found by bike conveniently buried under a pile of other bikes! They had tried to hide it from me. Anyway I said “Hang on! My bike is there…under that pile…so much for not knowing about it!” I got it back though but I lost a bit of trust in my local law enforcers (turns out there were monthly auctions of unclaimed bikes/property and the police officers regularly got some bargains).

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  2. The Grifter, I had one of those, used to love zooming around on that! This post bring back so many great memories. All my friends had Raleigh bikes. Those fruit gum sweets were nice to, very chewy though!

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      • My bike has a basket, of course, but we only shipped it from Australia because it was new but it really wasn’t made for the weather over here. I just watch my love rusting away …

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      • Pity that. I too imported my bike (mountain) when we moved. It’s actually holding up pretty well considering I use it daily for work and has paid for itself many times over with the money I’ve saved from public transport. Still, wouldn’t mind a new bike sometime, and def with a basket, or at least a rear panier rack.

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