Six Sentence Stories: Adam’s Imaginary Friend

Image from the illustrated book and record The Jungle Book. Walt Disney. 1983.

I’m linking up with Denise at Girlie On The Edge Blog, where she hosts Six Sentence Stories, and everyone is invited to write a story or poem constructed of six sentences, and six sentences only, based on a cue word given.

This week’s cue word is Question.

Adam’s Imaginary Friend


Adam decided to name his friend Bagheera, after the black panther in The Jungle Book. Inseparable, they spent hours playing in the basement: Dungeons & Dragons, Pac-Man, Star Wars, Hungry Hungry Hippos and G.I. Joe…  while Dad – upstairs in the study, agonized over family bills, and Mom – at the kitchen table, inserted pieces of paper into envelopes to earn extra money.

An only child, Adam embraced Bagheera as his best friend and confidant; secrets whispered, anxieties shared – the grave mood of Mom and Dad and the way they never seemed to have time anymore to give to Adam, and all their hopes, dreams, wishes… evaporating in inky mists made to disappear in the blink of tired eyes.

One evening, in the basement, Bagheera gave Adam a shoe box – inside it, tightly-wedged bundles of bank notes – twenty dollar bills – hundreds upon hundreds of them crammed together like paper sardines, the wild-haired and bushy-browed face of Andrew Jackson staring off into the distance.

With eyes the size of frisbees, Adam said, “But where did you get all this money?”

Said Bagheera, “Don’t ask questions… just hurry upstairs and put this box on the kitchen table, while your mom and dad are busy watching St. Elsewhere.”

Thanks for reading 🙂

500 vintage bonus points for the first person to state which year this story is set!

27 thoughts on “Six Sentence Stories: Adam’s Imaginary Friend

  1. Good psot. The book was written in 1895 and the date of the setting isn’t known, but it seems to be set in the time of the British Raj. which began in 1858.

    Kipling was masterful, just as this post is. Great job, great six. I love the movie the JB and my kids did too!

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  2. Wasn’t the Jungle Book a late 70’s, early 80’s? It may have even been before that. I know the cartoon Disney version came out in the 90’s I think but the story was around well before that. Where’d he get the money anyhow? In reading I was imagining this friend was imaginary.

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  3. The 1980’s? Don’t remember following the series, except it had Howie Mandel in it.*
    “With eyes the size of frisbees,…
    Excellent line.
    Thems the kind of invisible friends to have.

    because I’m a clark and we have that kind of memory (as in not practical, but entertaining)

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