My Batmobile article in issue 5 of FANSCENE Batman special!

FANSCENE 5. Front cover art by David Hathaway-Price.

I’m very pleased to announce my Corgi Toys Batmobile article has been published in issue 5 of FANSCENE Batman special – a celebration of the Caped Crusader’s adventures across the years as seen in print, TV, film, and toys!

My article is a look at the classic die cast Batmobile and other Bat vehicles made by Corgi Toys.

sneak peek extract…

FANSCENE 5. Corgi Batmobile article by Ford, TVTA.

FANSCENE Issue 5 is a free high quality PDF magazine published by artist David Hathaway-Price, and is available right now to download from David’s Classic UK Comics Zines web site

Plus… a free printable edition will be available later next week for you to print off yourself.

In the meantime, get yourself over to issue 5 and prepare to be amazed at the wonderful content that awaits.

For lovers of Batman, his friends, and his enemies, you won’t be disappointed!

FANSCENE 5. Back cover Joker art by Paul Rose and Kevin Scott Halter.

FANSCENE 5. Joker art by Nick Neocleous.

Thank you for celebrating all things Batman with us 🙂

15 thoughts on “My Batmobile article in issue 5 of FANSCENE Batman special!

      • I noticed WP added a new ‘My Home’ page recently when you click on ‘My Site’ (it looks a crock of shite if you ask me, and there was nothing wrong with the ‘My Site’ page). Often, when WP make changes, things get royally screwed up, (i know other fellow bloggers have had similar probs in the last couple of day too) that’s possibly why your comment became hijacked?
        Anyway, thanks for the congrats, my friend, it’s sure nice to be involved in such a cool Batman celebration magazine! 😎😎😎

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  1. This is so cool! Nice one getting an article in there! My brother had a load of Bat toys but I would have loved the Batboat and all those funky villain vehicles, they really do have the vibe of the 60s series. Gotta love all the art interspersed throughout too; Bill Naylor’s Batman 89 piece is incredible. Cheers for sharing!

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