’46-’93, comic book art and covers

Good evening, vintage mates…

and good evening, Dr. Manhattan…

In this instalment, we showcase 1940s and 1960s covers for French comic Lisette; a fistful of DC war story comics including three excellent Weird War Tales covers; a 1979 Look-In magazine; some MAD from 1993; and one of the greatest graphic novels ever created – DC’s Watchmen.

Featuring artwork by Roger Bussemey, R.J. Sornas, Neal Adams, Russ Heath, James Warhola, Joe Kubert, Ross Andru, Romeo Tanghal, Dave Gibbons, and others.

Thanks for looking 🙂

Lisette N°26. 1946. France.

Weird War Tales 74. 1979. Cover by George Evans.

Look-In. N°15. 1979. UK.

MAD N°317. 1993. US. Cover by James Warhola.

Shoot ad. 1983. UK.

Semic Press titles. 1987 Sweden.

Comics classifieds. 1988. UK.

Watchmen. Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. DC. Titan Books edition.

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