666 screwed…

It seems ominous this post I’m writing to mark Britain’s official exit from the European Union today is post N°666.

Get thee behind me, Satan. And all that.

Iron Maiden. The Number of the Beast. 1982. EMI / Harvest. Art: Derek Riggs.

Not ominous really, perhaps just apt. If I were a blog newbie, then post N°13 would do just as well.

Anyway, sorry for the downbeat tone, I’m just mightily sad that today marks the date I, and many like me, will no longer be treated in law as European. To this I say… go fuck yourself. And please give me my European citizenship and freedoms back. To my Euro and Brit friends in the UK who never asked for any of this, I hope life will be uncomplicated and kind. To my fellow Brits in Europe, I hope it goes smoothly… we are subject in many ways now to our host country regs. And to the Brits who voted Leave… enjoy your celebration, sure, but please don’t rub it in the faces of those whose lives, family, homes, and jobs are being affected.

And now, a Nutella poem

The Nutella Poem

(part III. Exit crisis)

Nutella, Nutella, O how do we send thee across the Channel?

Your nuts enrobed in palm oil, cocoa and tariffs, held up in traffic,

lorry park queues and bound by new rules…

We want our Nutella! shout the hungry masses at the borders.

Nutella! Nutella! Not commemorative tea towels and 50p coins,

Nor mugs with slogans and a chubby thumbs-up!

Nutella! Your nuts! We want your price cuts,

supermarket discounts and multi-buy dreams,

lathered in cocoa, palm oil, oh sugar, oh Nutella…

Oh where is Nigella?

Nigella, Nigella, a recipe we need, to feed us,

to please us, to ease us, tease us, to free us…

from empty cupboards and ration book hell.

Nigella, Nutella, palm oil, nuts, cocoa and sugar,

(love never ends) We’ll always be together, together in Nutella dreams.

Italy. Topolino. 1978.

#JeNeSuisPasUnVirus – be kind. It could be your nation.

#guyverhofstadt – keep up the fight for continued European rights of those citizens about to lose them.

Nutella Poem (part I)

Nutella Poem (part II)

8 thoughts on “666 screwed…

  1. Are you the sweet “Nutella” author?
    It’s hard to know exactly what you are going through, or what the Brits are going through.
    I can only hope the future works well for all.
    I am shocked, but still hold hopes that Canada will be the UK’s friend, and a friend to all European countries.

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  2. Still feels a bit odd… I’m all for democracy and people having different opinions, but I don’t see how democracy works with lies and disinformation from those in Government (and those who oppose). How can it? It requires people to proactively look at what things mean and in the UK that means look to The Sun or Daily Mail.

    Anyhoo, it won’t be long before those who chose Brexit will realise the wider impact on them. When The Sun and Daily Mail complain about something no doubt.

    Hopefully Scotland can gain independence and secure entry to the EU (during the Indie Ref, the big push from the No camp was that the only way to maintain EU citizenship was to vote ‘No’ and remain in ‘The Union’… oh the irony).

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    • Well said all that.
      I feel bad for Scotland, and though I never want to see the Union broken up, I fully support independence if it means staying in the EU.
      How people could vote tory after 10 years of increased food bank usage, rising child poverty (which was condemned by the UN), and the savage way the disbaled have been treated – is just beyond me. Masochistic?
      You’re spot on about the right wing papers and the misinformation campaign… plus the dirty tricks and fakery seen on Twitter.
      Successful politician in today’s Britain = zero morals and zero empathy.

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      • Voting Tory baffles me… “here’s a stick to beat me with, thank you”.

        At this stage I fear the whole world is turning towards the right and if you’re even slightly left leaning you’re labelled a mad radical.

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  3. Indeed my friend, this sad and ridiculous day has finally come to pass. Unfortunately I am stuck here in the (not so) jolly UK waiting for the inevitable decline! Dystopia is just around the corner, ah well if nothing else it should make for some interesting (and truthful) rants from Pat Mills and Alan Moore… where’s V when you need him!?

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