Office Cat Tales: the back of the sofa and behind the fridge

Collage. Cat brooch from a late 1970s UK toy vending machine.

“O woe, bleak January, bringer of lean times to our editing house. Your wintry rap upon the door of our office does chill our fingers, paws and bones to the bit. The Vintage Toy Advertiser archives… ah, too grim a place to visit upon days such as these… with its hibernating vampires dangling from rafters, and frozen monsters awakening to thaw their claws and teeth in corners where sit our old photocopier and broken down time machines covered in dust. Hark! No post! No post! Our deliveries for new ads and catalogues held up by raging battles above rooftops, between dragons and banshees and mercenary raptor-bots. Grim times for office cats and editors, indeed!” 

“What an exciting story,” said Wooof. “Please tell more!”

“Crivens, cat!” I retorted. “This is no tale, this is but a reality! We have no ads nor catalogues to scan… I fear our vintage readers will go hungry this winter. As shall we!”

“Tooting scarpers!” said the cat. “There’s no need to paint such a stark picture. Do you want me to search down the back of the sofa and behind the fridge and such places? There are always a few stray ads to be found.”

“Good thinking,” said I. “I’ll go warm up the scanner.”



All the best bits, and some oddities in between, that Wooof found by candlelight in the most unusual places. 

Weird War Tales 112. 1982. Cover by Ross Andru and Romeo Tanghal.

Man, Myth and Magic Role Playing Game. US. 1982.

Rocky Rama Papers N°3. Batman. 2019. France.


Claim your winter vintage bonus points!

Only at TVTA!

For 150 Vintage Bonus Points each… tell us anything you can about these two space ships from Starburst magazine, UK,1980…

Space ships. Starburst N°22. 1980. UK.

Thank you for endeavouring to survive January with us 🙂

20 thoughts on “Office Cat Tales: the back of the sofa and behind the fridge

  1. I am here on my annual goodwill “visiting my followers blogs that I feel guilty for not occasionally visiting but hopefully they’ll be understanding and quite pleased that I did visit at least the once out of politeness” tour.
    I quite enjoyed it actually. Especially “Crivens!”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Some awesome stuff here my friend! and I haven’t thought about Starburst magazine in years! have no idea about those two space ship pics I’m afraid, the lower one looks like it should belong in classic Brit sci-fi show U.F.O. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks RD! My Great Grandmother bought it for me from a surprise toy vending machine when I was about eight… I remember being disappointed at first as I wanted a toy car or soldier, but as our family always had cats I soon grew to love it, and still have it today! The enamel on it is iridescent, and the cat can change colour from blue to green to purple when held up to light! It’s a pretty cool cat after all these years 🙂


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