Babar the elephant

Babar the elephant is a fictional character who first appeared in children’s books in 1931 in France. Written by Jean de Brunhoff, Babar’s first adventure – Histoire de Babar – was a huge success and led to further stories being published. In 1933, Winnie the Pooh author A.A. Milne introduced Babar to British and American readers with an English-language translation – The Story of Babar.

The popularity of the adventurous little elephant has never waned since the 1930s, and today Babar continues to gather a huge and worldwide fanbase for his books, animated films, TV series, toys and merchandise. TVTA is pleased to present a selection of 1960s and 70s print adverts from the French comic Le Journal de Babar, along with other Babar related merchandise.

Babar school bags and stationery, 1998

Mattel Babar Maroquinerie et Papeterie catalogue. 1998.

Mattel Babar Maroquinerie et Papeterie catalogue. 1998.

Mattel Babar Maroquinerie et Papeterie catalogue. 1998.

Babar pre-school mini vehicles and figures by Lansay

Lansay Babar mini vehicles toys. From the collection of TVTA.

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11 thoughts on “Babar the elephant

  1. Hi TVTA, I remember Babar, I had one of the story books. I bought it from a Book Club run at my primary school. If I recall, the story was about Babar looking for a missing tiara. The Babar family were having a gala or dinner event (I think the father was the Mayor of the town?) and his sister lost her headpiece. Unfortunately that book was the only one that was on sale. And I do vaguely remember the cartoon but it didn’t seem to have the charm that the book had.

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