1974 Planet of the Apes Board Game

Courtesy of fellow WP blogger TV SET GO the 1974 MB board game Planet of the Apes!


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10 thoughts on “1974 Planet of the Apes Board Game

  1. Hi TVTA, this would be a good game to wile away a few hours or to monkey around playing (sorry, I didn’t get a new joke book for Christmas!) To make up for my bad joke, there was a another “escape” themed game….Star Wars Escape from Death Star game. That was pretty cool too but didn’t have the interactive prop on the middle of the board.

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      • That’s the game, yes! I loved playing that. If you’d like I could look up the R2 game and see if I can model some 3D parts to replace the missing ones. I’d have to send you the computer files to load into a 3D printer as I don’t have one but it might be possible.

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      • Hi again, I just had a quick image search and the spinner is basically just a normal “Clock Hand” arrow spinner, the box it is mounted to would be the problem. And the playing tokens are just round discs with a groove to slot a folded cardboard Artoo cutout into, I’ll try and come up with some models for the disc bases and maybe embossed plates to slot into them.

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