Happy New Yeats! Party like it’s 1999, in 1962!

Prince Magazine Special. 1985. Australia.

Happy new year vintage mates! Sorry we’re late and sorry we got the wrong year, but Wooof and I just got back from time travelling in 1982 watching Prince recording 1999, then we got lost in 1962 and found a cool book of poetry from W.B. Yeats, and then we got tangled up in a vintage space war between aliens and robots disputing a 3 billion year old moon made of chedder cheese and denim!

Anyway, we’re back now, so happy New Year one and all, and may all your dreams come to fruition!

Magic! She-Ra: Princess of Power. Shadow Weaver’s Magic Mirror. Ladybird. UK. 1986.

Here is the Yeats book of poetry, plus a poem of my own – in honour of someone who I dearly wish time would have allowed us a longer acquaintance.

W.B. Yeats Selected Poetry. St Martin’s Library. UK. 1962. Huguette’s copy.

Poem: Coffee with Huguette

Editor’s note: This poem has been selected for a special mission and will return soon. Apologies for any inconvenience.

French coffee advert. Used as a bookmark by Huguette.

This book belongs to… Huguette.

L’Irlande article. Used as a bookmark by Huguette.

Magic! A.E. Waite tarot.

Post dedicated to Huguette Laporte.

Words and poem by the editor.


15 thoughts on “Happy New Yeats! Party like it’s 1999, in 1962!

  1. Happy New YearπŸŽ†
    And now to the poem ; it created the same effect as when I read Albert Camus.
    Like a boxer who tempts you into his circle and when you feel comfortable…here comes the uppercut and lights out!!
    Nothing fancy or extravagant, just a phrase with ordinary words that can break your bones…

    So , thank you my friend for breaking mine!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy New Yeats! I am going to have to read a few more “classics” this year I think. I might have a bit more time now Disney/LucasFilm have completed the Star Wars saga for now.
    And I think Prince missed an opportunity…he should have called his magazine “Purple Pages”!
    Great post to start 2020!

    Liked by 1 person

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