Your carriage awaits – Brumm’s delightful miniatures from 1983

Following our recent post showing the 1980 catalogue for Italian model maker Brumm, TVTA is very pleased to present some more horse and carriage examples, this time from a 1983 catalogue. These die cast and plastic miniatures are simply delightful, and with an incredible amount of detail. Dear readers, your carriage awaits…

Brumm, an Italian toy manufacturer formed in the early 1970s. The company specialises in miniature plastic and die cast vehicles from a bygone age, such as steam-powered transport, horse-drawn carriages, old fire engines, and vintage cars.

Full scans – click to enlarge.

Thanks for coming once around the park then home with us, James 🙂

8 thoughts on “Your carriage awaits – Brumm’s delightful miniatures from 1983

    • Agree, so charming! And yes, the Milord you mention totally rocks in turquoise and with its gold trim and cream colour canopy! I think my fave is the Tilbury… there’s something about it that reminds me of the machine in the 1960 film The Time Machine. And that checker board seat cover 🙂

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  1. Hello TVTA, I do hope my Mother-in-law doesn’t see these! I mentioned before she liked horse figurines…she’d likely lose her head if she saw these! I don’t know why but I am sure I have seen the 1827 Royal Mail coach in real life but can’t remember if it was at the National Railway Museum in York (UK) or elsewhere. It is so distinct I’m sure I have seen it….looks like my old age has really started to kick in now 😀 !

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