Federal Comics – how 1980s Australia received its DC Comics superheroes

Supergirl. Australia. 1984.

Supergirl N°6. Cover by Howard Bender and Dick Giordano. 1985. Federal Comics. Australia.

Wonder Woman N°5. Cover by R.A. and D.G. 1985. Federal Comics. Australia.

Action Comics N°11. Superman. Cover Eduardo Barreto. 1985. Federal Comics. Australia.

In today’s post, TVTA looks at some outstanding comic book covers and adverts from the DC Comics Australian Edition publisher.

The Federal Publishing Company Proprietary Limited, based in Waterloo, Australia, was granted special permission by DC to reprint and publish a host of DC titles under the name Federal Comics to Australian readers.

TVTA is pleased to present some of these examples, featuring artwork by Dick Giordano, José Luís Garcia López, Ross Andru, Romeo Tanghal, Jerry Ordway, Terry Shoemaker, Howard Bender, Karl Kesel, Keith Giffen, Larry Mahlstedt, Mike Machlan, and Eduardo Barreto – this post offers a glimpse at how DC Comics characters were presented to an Australian audience in the mid 1980s.

Tales of the Legion of Superheroes N°13. Cover Terry Shoemaker and Karl Kesel. 1985. Australia.

Atari Force N°6. Cover José Luis Garcia Lopez. 1985. Federal Comics. Australia.

Atari Force. Garcia Lopez. 1985. Australia.

Super Powers. 1985. Australia.

Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld. 1985. Australia.

Infinity N°1. Cover Mike Machlan and Jerry Ordway. 1984. Australia.

Infinity N°1. 1984. Australia.

The Legion of Superheroes N°9. Cover Keith Giffen and Larry Mahlstedt. 1985. Australia.

The New Teen Titans. Australia. 1984.

The Huntress. 1984. Australia.

Vigilante N°6. Cover Ross Andru and Romeo Tanghal. 1985. Australia.

Vigilante. Art by Romeo Tanghal. 1985. Australia.

Thanks for looking 🙂

12 thoughts on “Federal Comics – how 1980s Australia received its DC Comics superheroes

  1. Wonderful to see these comics and adverts for Australian readers. Especially fun to see Legion of Superheroes, I always liked them. I believe Super Powers was a range of DC action figures wasn’t it? Interesting to see Vigilante as well, not a character you see much of now.

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    • Me neither. I read up on the character and he’s had several incarnations. In the comic book I have he’s a New York District Attorney called Alan Chase who goes undercover as The Vigilante to avenge the death of his wife and children at the hands of the mob. He eventually gives up his alter ego to fight crime the legal way as a judge, after savagely beating up an ex-con who turns out to be innocent. From there his Vigilante persona is adopted by new characters who take on his role. Interesting stuff!

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