Meccano toy catalogue, France, 1972

Front cover for the Meccano S.A. Catalogue Général, 1972, France, showing the new blue and yellow parts colour system.

Originally called ‘Mechanics Made Easy’, Meccano is a popular and enduring toy construction set invented in 1901 by Frank Hornby from Liverpool, England. Due to its huge success and demand, Hornby opened factories around the world, one of which features in today’s post – the Bobigny factory in France, which in 1951 was producing more than half a million Meccano box sets a day! 

The following 1972 general catalogue shows the new blue and yellow parts that had become available for Meccano sets, as well as ‘Pocket Meccano’  and  ‘Meccano Plastic’.

The catalogue also features other iconic toys to come from the French Bobigny factory such as Scalextric racing, Hornby model trains, and Spirograph. The final page of the catalogue shows a photograph of the Bobigny factory. One can only imagine the amount of toys that passed through the gates during its tenure as one of Frank Hornby’s wordwide factories! 

Meccano complimentary sets. 1972.

Pocket Meccano sets. 1972.

Meccano motors. 1972.

Meccano sets. 1972.

Meccano Plastic. 1972.

Other toys shown in the catalogue

Spirograph sets: Spirojunior, Spirostart, Spiro-matic. 1972.

Meccano mini projectors Walt Disney range. 1972.

Meccano Chip Away, Pant’ O’ Mime, Tele & Col. 1972.

Meccano Spiroscope, Junior Jet, Western. 1972.

Jouets enfance. 1972.


Meccano SA Catalogue 1972. Rear cover. Gyrojet.

Meccano Gyrojet. 1972.


Scalextric. 1972.

Scalextric. 1972.

Scalextric. 1972.

Hornby-AcHO trains


Frog model kits

The Meccano factory, Bobigny, France, 1972

Meccano factory, Bobigny, France, 1972.

Thanks for looking 🙂

All images scanned by TVTA from the Meccano catalogue général, 1972, France.

Other sources: Meccano France

13 thoughts on “Meccano toy catalogue, France, 1972

  1. Wow, I didn’t know Meccano had been around quite that long. I never had any, but I think my brother did. I can see a few sets in there that I would have enjoyed, though! When I was a kid, K’Nex was all the rage; it was fun, though our windmill, roller coaster etc. builds were rather ambitious/rarely finished!

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    • Brilliant Neil, glad the post brings some happiness. I never had Hornby trains but I did have some Scalextric and had hours of fun playing that, especially getting spare track and making the circuits longer. The cat we had at the time would pounce on the cars as they went along the straights, making the game more a race against the cat than the opposing vehicles 🙂

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  2. Hi TVTA, My dad had those exact Meccano sets! We also had the first electric motor shown in the row of three. As my Grandfather worked around the amusement parks and fairs I built a “Merry-Go-Round” or “Gallopers” and used horses from a medieval action figure playset. It was powered by the motor but unfortunately I wasn’t well versed in engineering back then as a kid and I got the gearing slightly er, wrong. The Merry-Go-Round became a helicopter and launched itself when I set the motor running!

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