Panini stickers and trading cards

Panini,originally known as ‘Figurine Panini’, is famous for producing collectable stickers and trading cards – notably football stickers from tournaments and leagues around the world. Panini also produce books, comics and magazines.

The company was founded in 1961 in Modena, Italy, by brothers Benito and Giuseppe Panini. In 1963 two other Panini brothers, Franco and Umberto, joined the company. Alongside its popular football albums and stickers, Panini have produced albums and stickers for the likes of Disney, Star Wars, The Smurfs, Barbie, Masters of the Universe, and many other popular titles from film, cartoons and TV shows.

Panini Masters of the Universe. Denmark. 1987.

Panini Barbie. Denmark. 1987.

Figurine Panini Barbie stickers and album offer with Nikki comic. 1985. UK.

Figurine Panini Barbie offer with Nikki comic. 1985. UK.

Panini Candy-Candy. France. 1981.

Panini Capitaine Flam. France.1981.

Panini Football albums and stickers

Official website: Panini

Thank you for trading stickers with us ๐Ÿ™‚

15 thoughts on “Panini stickers and trading cards

  1. Bought so many panini stickers as a youth. Smurfs one looks good. Metal Mickey loved that show. Still have a massive box of Dr Who trading cards bought in a bulk purchase. I could fill a small planet with all the junk I have.

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  2. Huh! And I always thought panini was a sort of Italian sandwich.
    I was never into stickers, but I was into trading cards! I still have some incomplete sets. I never believed in buying a set outright, ruined the accomplishment of collecting all!
    I have almost all of the 110 cards….. maybe 104 from the I Love Lucy set. I have Terminator 1 cards and Rock Stars cards from 1991…Poison, Motley Crue, Van Halen… those bands. ๐Ÿ˜€ x

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      • I just took them all out of the back of my closet. What a mess. Nothing, except the I Love Lucy cards are in order. The Rock Star Cards are fab. OMG, I have Star Trek trading cards and Pee Wee’s Playhouse cards… some unopened packages. There’s more. I don’t know what’s going on! I’ll find some time to sort out the Rock Star cards. I’ll let you know how many I have. I can show you a few in comments. Is there any band in particular? I see ACDC, Pink Floyd, Slaughter, Deep Purple, Skid Row, Cinderella, Anthrax, must be some Motley Crue…

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  3. Hi TVTA, I was only allowed to collect the stickers that depicted my favourite football team (Manchester United). My parents didn’t let me collect stickers due to the problems that could arise from doing “Swapsies” where you exchanged duplicate stickers with your mates. There were no end of arguments as to how valuable particular stickers were (whether a sticker was worth 2 or more depending on how rare). I did manage to complete the set of Man Utd’s 1983 team however.

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    • Good days eh. I remember the ‘shinies’ like the club badges + the double sticker set of the team always had the best value. I started a few collections as a lad but never finished any – the first completed being the World Cup 2002 in South Korea / Japan.
      Question: do you remember the heavy card stock football cards that came with a stick of chewing gum? We traded these in the late 70s early 80s at school and had a game where we ‘flicked’ the cards, and the one that went the farthest distance won the opposing player’s card.

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      • I recall the “trading” cards that came in the hard candy “fake cigarette” sweets. The sweets were white sugar candy sticks with a spot of red food colouring to make it look as if they were lit. The cards that came with with the candies had all sorts of pictures on, movie characters, sports stars, cars etc.
        I vaguely remember the flick football cards you mention but I don’t know which brand of gum they came with.
        Oh and shinies were worth 3-4 regular stickers depending on if it was a club badge or a competition/league Cup sticker.

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      • Yes, I remember the candy cigarettes too – Spider-Man and Superman come to mind. There was also these cigar candy sticks wrapped in a pretty boring-tasting type of sugar paper I suppose.
        Ah, then there was the joy that was ‘Space Dust’ which crackled in your head as it melted on your tongue – legal drugs for kids lol ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • Wow next you’ll be telling me about “Metal Mickey ThunderBuster” gobstoppers! They were awesome, especially the lime green citrus flavoured ones. Boogie Boogie! I have a bit of an advantage and remember all these because my mother helped run the local youth club and every month I had to visit the “Cash and Carry” wholesale store to buy the sweets for the “Tuck Shop” (the club snack bar).

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      • It was my favourite show for a while when it was on. Mickey even made an appearance at my local town’s shopping centre as part of a publicity tour so I got to meet him. The date of the visit coincided with the town’s annual parade which I was part of and all the participants got to see him first.

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