Art Gowns does Schiaparelli on Barbie

A vintage fashion doll, a vintage tie, and some vintage catalogue pages… Barbie gets the Art Gown treatment! Check out the newest creation from fellow WP blogger Resa over at her Art Gowns site.

Art Gowns

Did you ever notice how one thing can lead to another?

Yes! Well, that’s exactly how my old Barbie got an Art gown.

 In Art Gowns spirit, nothing new was purchased for this project. Barbie’s Art Gown is made from a circa 1970 Schiaparelli tie, from my stash. The print size is perfect.

It all began on a visit to The Vintage Toy Advertiser blog. Ford had done a Barbie post, and Barbie has some fab gowns.

 Solo in the Spotlight & Enchanted Evening are my 2 faves. I would only change the fur stole, to a velvet stole.

Ford agreed I could do an Art Gowns/Barbie post. I’d make a gown, and he would supply photos from his collection. That was awhile ago, but once I found the Schiaparelli tie, it was a go.  

That led to, who is Schiaparelli?

Elsa Schiaparelli  was an Haute Couture designer…

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12 thoughts on “Art Gowns does Schiaparelli on Barbie

  1. A great post and great creativity, especially today as two new Barbie dolls were announced. There is a doll of the famous American activist Rosa Parks and a doll depicting the first American woman astronaut Sally Ride. I’ll be sure to visit Resa and leave a like on her site also.

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