Toy soldiers

Artwork detail. Airfix Catalogue 2008, UK.

Artwork detail. Airfix Catalogue 2008, UK.

TVTA is pleased to present a selection of international toy soldier print adverts, catalogue pages and photos from the brands Airfix, Atlantic, Starlux, Britains and others in the scales H0/00, 1/32, and 1/72.

Airfix Military Figures. 1983. France.

Airfix Military Figures. 1983. France.

Airfix Military Figures. 1983. France.

Airfix Military Figures. 1983. France.

Airfix Military. 1984. UK.

Atlantic soldiers. Italy. 1979.

Atlantic Toy Soldiers. 1981. France.

Atlantic Toy Soldiers. France. 1981.

Atlantic Far West. 1982. France.

Floraline pasta. Collect free soldiers and cowboy and Indians figures. 1979. France.

Cowboys and Indians. 1969. Denmark.

Wild West figures. Gerca. 1980s. Made in Macau. MIP. TVTA Collection.

Wild West figures. Gerca. 1980s. Made in Macau. Loose. TVTA Collection.

Britains Deetail soldiers. TVTA Collection.

H0/00 scale painted soldiers. TVTA Collection.

Various H0/00 scale soldiers. TVTA Collection.

BRITAINS SET N° 460, Scots Guards, circa 1933. No price listed. Christie’s Catalogue. 1988.

Toy Soldiers Combat Set. Wonderland Catalogue. France. 1987.

Footlocker Toy Soldiers. 1981. US.

Starlux Cavalry and Infantry. France. 

Thanks for looking 🙂

11 thoughts on “Toy soldiers

  1. Well, this is toy genre I’ve never played with. Lol, you can’t dress up any of them. Not sure what boys and girls do with them…. stage battles I suppose.
    Nonetheless, you’ve got some fab shots of both ads and the pieces themselves. Not sure why, but I’m quite liking the cowboys in the bag!! 😀 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Resa xx. Yep, you’re right, I spent hours setting them up then knocking them down in as many inventive ways as I could think 🙂 But some of the more detailed ones with paint were just brilliant to display and look at.
      As for the cowboys in the bag… I was always pestering my mom for more cowboys and indians – like I didn’t already have enough toys as it was lol. We were a fairly poor family for money but kudos to my mom and other family members, they always made Christmases and birthdays extra special.

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  2. This takes me back. As a child I used to have 100’s of toy soldiers, cowboys, and indians. I could sit for hours setting up various battle scenes. They were also the first choice when a toy “sacrifice” was needed, such as firecrackers, sunlight/magnifying glass experiments, small fires etc. I can’t imagine kids today being entertained by these types of toys… nor can I imagine them getting into the kind of mischief I did.

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    • Hi Eric. Lol you’re right those plastic soldiers were pretty disposable and made great toy sacrifices. I had lots of the Airfix range and some play sets to go with them – same as you I could spend hours setting those up.
      Another line I had was Britains US 7th Cavalry and Civil War army soldiers. These came painted and on metal bases, and were so detailed I never wanted to play with them and instead displayed them proudly on a wooden shelf in my bedroom.


      • Interesting. I never saw any painted figurines for sale as a child. That said, retailers around me had large assortments of unpainted plastic figurines as well as structures and vehicles. Some of them were pretty abstract. I remember having figurines of exterminators, contractors, construction workers etc that I wasn’t quite sure how to play with.

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      • The ready-painted Britains and Starlux figures are quite exceptional for detail and display I think.

        I remember seeing some of those abstract plastic soldiers you mention. I always kind of liked the soldiers that laid mines or had big radios or who were looking through binoculars and were doing stuff different than just aiming a gun. One of my favourites was two medics carrying a detachable stretcher that you could put any soldier on it you liked.


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