Latest ads – SSP, Solar Ball, Skittle Baseball, Sea-Monkeys and more!

Kenner SSP Racers. 1971. US.

Glow in the Dark Solar Ball. 1985. US.

Aurora Skittle Ball. Weird War Tales N°1. 1971.

Seamonkeys. 1977. US.

Space 1999 model kit by Centuri. 1976. US.

Doctor Who Records and Tapes. 1980. UK.

Sphere sci-fi books. 1989. UK.

Sizzlers Fat Track. 1971. US.

Aurora Powerslicks. 1971. US.

Fleer football cards. 1991. US.

Thanks for looking 🙂

16 thoughts on “Latest ads – SSP, Solar Ball, Skittle Baseball, Sea-Monkeys and more!

  1. Wow! Somehow, I remember Sea Monkeys. When did they stop selling Sea Monkeys? What were they really, a shrimp? ( I got that from google, but don’t believe everything on google!)

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    • Oh no, the horror of that! The evil Hoover machine has been responsible for many a lost small thing over the years!!
      I remember growing my Sea-Monkeys and being surprised that it actually worked. I wasn’t disappointed they looked nothing like the adverts because the packaging showed clearly what to expect… basically a bunch of creepy swimming bugs. Mine lived for about two weeks before mysteriously disappearing! Maybe they ate each other, or buried themselves at the bottom of the aquarium knowing their days were numbered? Crazy stuff.

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