Music makes the people come together, yeah!

“A life without music is a solitary trek along a darkened path trod souless and bare. Let music be your joy, your comfort, your inspiration. Sing, dance, and play upon your journeys. Let music be your lantern.”  

I believe in angels…

“And if these are my final words I will attempt to sing them in tune; to draw sweet harmony with the divine muse. To celebrate you. Embrace you. Love you. Praise your sweet gift of music bestowed, here, there, now, onwards, and over the very next hill.”

Thank you for joining us. Dedicated to music, friends, family, loved ones, Madonna, and Primus in all suckiness 🙂

10 thoughts on “Music makes the people come together, yeah!

  1. Hello TVTA, I remember the Music Master Stereo, I had the red version. I also had a copy of “Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep” on red vinyl that I played on it (a lot!). And may I ask, are those real autographs from Black Sabbath? If there are that’s real cool. I have two of The Animals signatures (Hilton Valentine and John Steel) in my collection of musical stuff.

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    • Hi FT. I really like that Music Master stereo. Yes the Sabs autos are real though I wasn’t at that particular signing, so I bought them privately. Have met Geezer and Tony before when I played at studios in Birmingham. Met a load of musicians and artists really, either at gigs or studios, or just waiting backstage at concerts. Lucky I have a lot of autos in my collection now! That’s cool you got some Animals sigs. Top band in their day!

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      • The Animals (well the two original members and the new bandmates) played in the city next to where I live and I had worked at the venue as a sound engineer so got to wander around backstage. Managed to get their sigs for Mrs Tyeth who is the Animals fan. Birmingham you say? That’s UB40 country isn’t it?

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      • That was like when we played with the Hollies and Sweet at a festival in the mid 2000s – only two or three original members and the rest were new bandmates.
        Yes, Birmingham (and the West Midlands) bands like Black Sabbath, Duran Duran, Slade, Editors, Toyah Wilcox, Fuzzbox, Pop Will Eat Itself, ELO, Napalm Death – I’ve met members of these bands over the years but never UB40 (or Judas Priest or Led Zep – also West Midlands). Cool you worked as a sound engineer FT!

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