Happy 50th birthday the Apollo 11 moon landing!

Examples from the “Luna Station play set” by Jean Höfler, early 1970s, West Germany. From the collection of TVTA.

Inspired by good friend and WP blogging buddy Wibi Wonders I’m joining in the celebrations of the Apollo 11 moon landing which is 50 years old today! Be sure to check out Wibi’s wonderful space exploration stamps 

Here are four of my own Apollo mission stamps, along with vintage print ads and other retro space and moon-related goodness.

Thanks for looking 🙂

Ajman Apollo 11 moon landing stamp. 1970s.

Space stamps. 1982. France.

Atari Moon Patrol. 1984.

Playmobil Space. 1981. Denmark.

MOON ROCKET, battery operated tinplate spacecraft, by Masudaya, Japan, 1960s.

Space pinball. UK. 1983.

Space Shuttle Mission Jacket. US. 1982.

NASA Poster. Space Ship by Kotaro Hirano. Starlog Japan 1981.

Thank you for mooning with us 🙂

9 thoughts on “Happy 50th birthday the Apollo 11 moon landing!

  1. Those stamps really are stunning. Gotta love the space pinball, too! I had one quite similar to that, I think – not quite the same as my friend’s fully-fledged machine, but still fun! I did enjoy the 50th anniversary; it was quite exciting and moving to watch the mission replay on YouTube and hear those famous words in ‘real-time’!

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    • The German space toys came as a large play set, and I was very lucky to find just two pieces of it at my local vintage toy shop. Didn’t have a clue what it was until I researched it and found out it was by Jean hofler. But I knew it was special as soon as I saw it.
      And, no, thank you! Inspiration just when I needed it 😉

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