Never Mind the Adverts Pt15 – Flea Market Finds… cars, cars and more cars!

Corgi Juniors Tom & Jerry. Jerry’s Banger. 1979/80. UK.

Welcome to the latest Never Mind The Adverts Here Are The Toys!

In this edition I share photos of some 70s and 80s die cast cars I found at my local flea market in France last Sunday. Featuring the brands Corgi, Matchbox, Majorette, and my first example of a Politoys (later rebranded as the famous Polistil company). I also snagged a vintage set of German FX-Schmid automobile cards. FX-Schmid was one of the forerunners to the world famous Top Trumps cards which are still popular and sold to date. Those of you who had a set of Waddingtons Top Trumps back in the 80s will recognise the familiar old-school design of the cards.

So, cars, cars and cards of cars… not a bad haul then, and a relaxing way to spend an hour on a Sunday morning, and all for less than the price of a pain au chocolate and double espresso (which incidently I had too 🙂 )

Enjoy the pics!

Matchbox Battle Kings K 105 Hover-Raider. 1974. UK

Matchbox Battle Kings K 105 Hover-Raider. 1974. UK.

Matchbox Superfast Chevy Van “Vanpire”. 1979. UK

Matchbox Superfast Chevy Van “Vanpire”. 1979. UK.

Politoys Abarth 2000. N Y 19. Pininfarina. C1970s. Italy 

Politoys Abarth 2000 N Y 19. Pininfarina. C1970s. Italy.

Majorette Ford Escort XR3. N° 212. 1987/8. France

Majorette Ford Escort XR3. N° 212. 1987/8. France.

Majorette motorized Motor. C1980s. France.

Majorette Motor. C1980s. France.

Majorette Ford Capri. N° 251. 1982/3. France

Majorette Ford Capri. 1982/83. France.

Matchbox Super Kings Security Truck K 19. 1978. UK

Matchbox Super Kings Security Truck. K 19. 1978. UK.


FX-Schmid Top Trumps Quartet game N° 53322. Autos de Course. C1970s. Germany/France 

FX Schmid Top Trumps. Autos de Course Quartette Cards N° 53322. C1970s.

As always thanks for looking 🙂

19 thoughts on “Never Mind the Adverts Pt15 – Flea Market Finds… cars, cars and more cars!

      • Yeah, they were brilliant. They featured a lot of classic monsters, Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman, ect. Didn’t realise they were worth much now. Great artwork on them as well. Awesome they re released them too!

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  1. The old die cast cars are cool, especially the ones with the opening doors! My folks went to a toy museum in Canada today, the pics they sent me look OK but it was lacking in a few areas. We’d fix it up! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Dee. That sounds great! I imagine walls and cabinets full of fun and colour and candy and and games and dolls and cars and vinyl records and more!! 🙂 Been a while since I went to a toy or nostalgia museum. I honestly have enough memorabilia now I could start my own exhibition. I should do really because much of it is in storage and the only way I get to show it off is here at the blog.
      By the way your recent post about how you got bad looks for the way you were dressed made me feel for you. You always look so stunning on your photographs. Stylish and elegant I’d say for sure. Keep up the excellent work over at your blog! I’m off to look for an exhibition space :)X


  2. Hi TVTA, I am doing well with your recent posts, in this one I had the Tom and Jerry Ranger, the Hover Raider (though the torpedoes were missing) and I owned a few packs of Top Trumps too (mainly fighter aircraft/aviation and motor vehicles/bikes).

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    • Hi FT. Brilliant you had both the Tom & Jerry cars – I love those two. I had a bit of a nostalgia rush picking this lot up, as I too owned the Hover-Raider and many Top Trumps packs (like yourself they were mostly aircraft and vehicle sets).
      The flea market had other die cast cars but they were badly scratched or had dinged wheels, The ones I nabbed all have excellent working wheels and fairly good paint.

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      • Hi TVTA, yes I seemed to have a lot of T&J toys, I even had a vinyl stuffed Tom toy which had a string pull voice box! He/it was really big and heavy…but of course the catchphrases were the best part. One was “I hate meeces to peeces!” and another was, “Mice are nice on toast and rice!”.
        Getting back to car collecting most of the cars I have now are mounted in display boxes and are either WRC or Formula 1 models.

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      • Ah, the only game me and my brothers had was “Mouse Trap”, so the wrong mouse! I didn’t know MB had done a Ludo game though. And the problem with “Speaking Tom” was that he was so heavy my brother would use him as a weapon and swing it about like a club!

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  3. You got some cute toys. Well done! I’m partial to the Ford Capri, myself. The racing car is pretty sweet, though.
    If I re-follow you, it’s because the follows fall away. Seems to repeat on some blogs.

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  4. Ah, Matchbox cars. I used to get a Matchbox car every weekend from the Barras when I was wee. Sometimes my grandad would help me but two if we’d looked at old watches for a while beforehand. Good times. I actually had the hover raider among other things.

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