Barbie’s ‘Feeling Groovy’ Trash to Treasure 70’s Pad

Just fab! So creative, colourful and groovy. I have an 80s Barbie but this makes me want to go out and find a 70s Barbie now 🙂 Top marks to for more up-cycling Barbie goodness. Please check out Starrcreative’s post for more great photos!

If you love the home decor show Trading Spaces, consider this an opportunity to decorate a room for someone else, just on a smaller scale! As most of you know, I love to come up with up-cycled Barbie Doll furniture from Thrift Store or garage sale finds, even stuff you might consider throwing away can be transformed into something new. I also like to incorporate great finds from the Dollar Tree for parts and embellishments.

I’m partial to bright colors and the ‘Feeling Groovy’ theme is certainly that! My goal is to share ideas and inspirations, and encourage kids and parents alike to get creative, reuse and have some fun. You might not find the exact same pieces, but you’ll see how easy it is and hopefully get inspired to go on a treasure hunt of your own! There is no sewing and no tools so…

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6 thoughts on “Barbie’s ‘Feeling Groovy’ Trash to Treasure 70’s Pad

  1. I’m glad I was around to reply to you in good time. And I just noticed the thread we’re writing in… one day someone might look back at the comments in this Barbie post and think… ‘what on earth are these two talking about, what’s that got to do with Barbie?!’ 🙂

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  2. Hi, i’m struggling today, I won’t go into it too much, but you know like you’ve been through the same thing, does this horrible feeling of devastation ever go away❤

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    • Hi. I’m sorry to hear it’s a struggle today. That devastation you mention, in the beginning it doesn’t really go away, it sort of rises and falls, is dark then light. It’s so horrible the early days, completely wretched, and there is not much you can do than sit it out as best as you can and wait for the next bright moment to take its place. I think it’s a very natural cycle to be honest, and we have to go through it in some form. Take each day, hour, moment as it comes. In time it really does get better, and the feelings of devastation go away. Breath deeply and tell yourself that it’s natural how you’re feeling right now. Cry, laugh, shout, sing, sleep, eat… do whatever it takes to just get through the next wave of emotions. I’m thinking of you a lot, and sending love and hugs. You’ll be fine because you are strong, even though you might not think that just now, you are.

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