The Shrunken Head Apple Sculpture Kit

Probably my new favourite print advert!

As regular readers know I’m a bit of a fan of Halloween, and I was going to save this beauty for the Big Day… however, the advert is simply too cool not to share right now!

Enjoy πŸ™‚

The Shrunken Head Apple Sculpture Kit

Shrunken Head Apple Sculpture. 1976 print advert. US.

Endorsed by horror legend Vincent Price (I love the line: ‘Look for Vincent Price’s pretty face on the cover’), the Shrunken Head Apple Sculpture was a kit enablng you to decorate and bake apples in the form of nightmarish shrunken heads! Accessories included a baking capsule (The Shrinker) which you heated using a 40 watt common household light bulb , hair, beads, templates for carving facial features, cord, a paint brush, and a carving tool.

The artwork for my 1976 print advert was created by Mort Drucker, a long time contributor to Mad Magazine. The Shrunken Head Apple Sculpture was produced by Crafts By Whiting, a Milton Bradley Company.

Detail from 1976 Shrunken Head Apple Sculpture print advert.

TVTA bonus trivia!

As well as the Shrunken Head Apple Sculpture Kit, Vincent Price was hired by Milton Bradley to appear in advertising campaigns for two of their other popular products: the games HangmanΒ and Stay Alive.

That’s all for now, vintage mates. Thank you for shrinking fruit with us πŸ™‚

20 thoughts on “The Shrunken Head Apple Sculpture Kit

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  2. Amazing! Love this post, and I adored Vincent Price’s movies.
    I had to follow you, again. I don’t know why… but sometimes Follows fall off. It could be a WP thing, or perhaps clearing my cache and cookies causes some to fall off. Anyway, many bloggers have the same experience.
    Ah, also, the email notifications stop working time to time.
    I just don’t want you to think that I was not following you. xoxo

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    • Same has happened here in the past. Must be a WP thing. They’re always tinkering in the background, changing things without letting you know, messing things up. Last week I had a functioning spellcheck button in my editor, now it’s disappeared!?
      Our blogging overlord is a restless beast!

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