TVTA is pleased to present a selection of toy adverts, comic covers, mini-posters and fact files for the 1980s animated series ThunderCats. ThunderCats was originally aired between 1985 and 1989, with an additional series added in 2011 and a new series (ThunderCatsRoar) scheduled for spring 2019. The ThunderCats brand has appeared worldwide on merchandise such as action figures and play sets, toys, stickers, comics, books and a video game.

This post has been 100% office cat approved by Wooof, who has made himself a cardboard sword and a fake fur leotard costume, and is now proclaiming himself to be the new Lord of the ThunderCats!

Enjoy the scans 🙂

ThunderCats N°77. 1988. UK.

ThunderCats toy weapons. 1987. Netherlands.

ThunderCats new action figures. 1988. UK.

ThunderCats Luna-Lasher. 1988. UK.

Thundercats Cheetara mask. 1988. UK.

ThunderCats Mini Poster N°44. 1988. UK.

That’s all for now, vintage cats. Thank you for getting thunderous with us 🙂

14 thoughts on “ThunderCats

      • The cartoon is fantastic, great fun, and brilliant intro and theme! I’ve seen some of the comics before but not many. Mumm Ra was a great foe as well. Its a wonder they’ve never done a live action movie of it, considering all the CGI they can do now, you’d think so since the original cartoon is still so popular.

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  1. Oh wow! Another comic/toy that I never knew about. It looks like a very neat franchise, which is probably why they keep coming back. The mask is very cool.
    So, I went to the comic store 2 Mondays ago to take pics of the window display. It was filled with vintage comic book toys. UCH! The guy changed the display, and now has all new toys, games, etc in there. I’ll look for the old ones when I go on Free Comic Book Day. xx

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    • Yes, ThunderCats was a big hit in the day and seems to have a loyal fanbase. There are loads and loads of vintage ThunderCats collectables out there for the enthusiast to pick up, making it a good line to get into, new or old.
      Aw, pity about the vintage window display – would have made a good pic. Ne’er mind. You get to go to a Free Comic Book Day soon 🙂

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