Latest ads, April luck, and Lando liked my reply!

Happy Easter vintage mates! If you’re lucky enough not to be working over this holiday weekend then enjoy it to the max. Me, I’m working. Boo. But I do have Monday off (it’s my day off anyway – so actually it doesn’t really count).

April… Hm. An interesting month so far… I’m currently sitting on some potentially brilliant news. If it all turns out rosy I’ll be sure to let you know 🙂 If not, expect a succession of extremely ill-tempered, grumpy and sore posts. Without me giving anything away whatsoever, please wish me luck over these next couple of weeks or so!

In other interesting news…

Billy Dee Williams liked my reply!!

Billy Dee Williams Colt 45 ad. Image: The Baltimore Times.

Yes! I was strolling around Twitter at the beginning of the month, and happened to reply to a post from actor Mark Hamill about the general and all-round coolness of his fellow actor Billy Dee Williams (as you do – on Twitter). I included a pic of a vinyl album I have for the film Scott Joplin, in which BDW starred (as you do – on Twitter).

Well, fast forward a day and a bit, Billy Dee Williams only goes and likes my reply! I’ve been telling everyone since – “Hey, did you know Billy Dee Williams liked my reply on Twitter?”

Here are the screenshots which I accidentally on purpose intentionally didn’t mean to but did save to share here:



Star Trek uncut!

In a recent comic book and ad lot I picked up, I found this Star Trek The Next Generation uncut character card sheet. I have no idea what it’s meant for – trading card set, role-playing game, an unproduced test copy, a fan-made item?? Star Trek fans – do you know what this is for?

Star Trek The Next Generation Uncut card sheet.

And now, we go to a quick commercial break

Monogram World of Outlaws. 1988.

Rotadraw. France.

Revell’s Power Lords vs. Mattel’s Masters of the Universe. Article. Starlog N°80 1984. An interesting battle but one which was surely won by Mattel?

Superhero merchandise from The Super Heros Company. France. 1970s.

Heroes World. US. 1977.

Back to our Easter break…

Looking for some activities this Easter?

Speelboom Club Journal Easter activities. Netherlands.


Easter cuteness and adorable awesome overload! 

That’s all for now vintage mates. Thanks for looking. And did I mention that Billy Dee Williams liked my reply on Twitter? 🙂

14 thoughts on “Latest ads, April luck, and Lando liked my reply!

  1. OMG Dormili Hase! I just sold my “extra” standing Dormili Hase on eBay. (I kept one for my collection) As a child my family spent some time in Germany and I had quite a few Steiff. I became extremely fond of them. So thank you for including Steiff! Also, totally cool about BDW liking your reply. Twitter can be a cool thing! I almost went to see BDW at a Toycon here in Santa Rosa, CA. but I didn’t end up going. Our Toycon has some cool guests! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cheers Retro Dee. The Steiff toys are wonderful aren’t they. That’s cool you spent some time in Germany and got hold of some. I picked up three Steiff catalogues last year from the 1980s which you can see here:
      And BDW… yeh, that was great getting a like, especially seeing him recently in the newest trailer. Agree, Twitter is good how you can follow your fave stars and even have a possible interaction with them.
      Your local Toycon sounds brilliant! You have to go next time 🙂


  2. Wow so now you are friends with a “real” Star Wars character? Great one TVTA! There is one downside to this story for me, I used to drink Colt 45 years ago as I thought it was the best lager beer available. It used to be brewed in the UK in Nottingham so we could buy it here but sadly the brewery closed and I was no longer able to enjoy my favourite drink 😦 I still miss it (in moderation) to this day.

    And I am not 100% certain but there were a few uses for the uncut character cards you posted. Some people used them to replace “lost” character cards from a deck of a gaming pack. Other folks used them as “special power/ability” cards to customise the game to their own game rules.
    Thanks for a great post again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cheers FT. I remember Colt 45 being around but I never got chance to try it. I always thought the name sounded cool.
      Interesting thoughts on the uncut cards, thanks. Shame there isn’t any company or printer markings on them for additional clues. I had a look around on images for board and card games and such, but nothing turned up.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi again, I’m fairly certain back in the old days you could write to the manufacturers and obtain details of specific cards if you didn’t know the numbers so you could fill in the details on the blanks to replace the lost cards.
        And there was nothing better than entering an Off-License store and ask for a “Six-Shooter pack of Colt 45” most cans came in four packs. The drawback was quality cost more and 45 was a bit more expensive.

        Liked by 1 person

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