Corgi Toys – 1960s & 70s French print ads

“Choose your Corgi model today”

TVTA is pleased to present a selection of print advertising for the Corgi Toys range of die cast vehicles seen throughout the 1960s and 70s. Featuring James Bond, Batman, Superhero and TV stars, Corgi Rockets and Whizzwheels, and a very Presidential Lincoln!

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Lincoln Continental 6-door State Limo

James Bond Aston martin DB5 first edition, gold version

The screen-innacurate gold coloured first edition version of the famous James Bond Aston Martin DB5, with ejector-seat baddie and other gadgets.
I’ve read that the reason for this strange colour choice was because the only silver paint Corgi had at the time was too similar to the base casting colour – leading to suspicions that some customers would believe the car hadn’t been painted at all! Later DB5 models were painted in a silver colour which Corgi managed to make distinct from the base metal.

Batmobile and Batboat

Corgi Batman 267. 1967/68 . France.

Corgi Batman batmobile and batboat GS3. 1960s. France.

Salty or sweet? Corgi offered two ‘snack’ vehicles to suit your taste!

Chipperfields Circus, Rockets, Whizzwheels, Juniors and others

Corgi’s Chipperfields Circus and Cooper-Maserati F1 models.

Corgi Whizzwheels.

Corgi Belgium Gendarmerie.

Film and TV range

Kojak’s Buick. 1977.

James Bond Lotus Esprit Underwater. 1977.

Corgi Starsky & Hutch 292. 1978.

Corgi Superheroes, TV and film range. 1979.

Corgi. Chopper Squad. 1979.

Corgi Superman range.

Corgi The Incredible Hulk Mazda. 1979.

As always, thanks for looking 🙂 

13 thoughts on “Corgi Toys – 1960s & 70s French print ads

  1. I know I’ve mentioned having the Superman and Batmobile toys before, but the Bond car was one of my favourites. Mine wasn’t gold, though. Anyhoo, Corgi toys were definitely special.

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  2. Hi TVTA, that Kojak Buick was the one I think I mentioned before on an earlier post of yours. If you pressed down on the emergency light fitting on the roof the man leaning out of the back seat window would rock back and forth, and there was a clicking noise to make it sound like he was firing his gun.
    And your research on the paint used on the Bond DB5 matches with the info I discovered. The paint originally looked too much like the base metal so they hurriedly came up with idea of the Gold version (which ended up being a bit of clever marketing really bearing in mind the name of the film the car appeared in!)

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    • Hi FT. Yep, the Kojak Buick had some nice action features. Corgi really knew what they were doing back then with all these cool, action-packed TV and film vehicles.
      And I agree – the gold DB5 was a good fit with the movie title. Glad they rectified it though. My 90s version which is a reproduction of the 1st corrected model is pretty stunning.

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