Spider-Man poster. Art by Al Milgrom. UK. 1983.

A TVTA special.

Presenting: vintage and modern print adverts, comic covers, card games and merchandise featuring web-slinging superhero Spider-Man plus his friends and arch-enemies – all from the collection of TVTA! Enjoy 🙂 

Spider-Man Top Trumps cards and sets

edit: removed the Spider-Sense images temporarily as I was getting a lot of a spam on these images and WP seem more interested in pushing their crappy new editors down our throats than fixing spam and removing junk vitamin tablet accounts. The new WP editor is crap I know because I tried it to edit this post – and it was just a nightmare to use. Good job I still have classic editor at my disposal, though for how long I don’t know…

Thanks for looking 🙂

Post updated with new images September 2019.

13 thoughts on “Spider-Man

    • Yes! Saturday morning cartoons were a major influence on me. Ah, you mention Hulk… a big post coming up in next couple of weeks in the same style as this Spidey one. Gotta love the Hulk 🙂 Interesting that a lot of ads I own feature both Hulk and Spidey together! Guess they were Marvel’s go-to double act for a while – a bit like how you always saw R2D2 and C3PO together in Star Wars ads.

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      • Yeah, definitely their two I saw most when I was a kid and I’ll be looking forward to the post in the next couple of weeks!

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