Saturday night at the movies

Red Sonja. 1985. Art by Renato Casaro.

It’s Saturday!

Time for some movie treats old and new! TVTA is pleased to present a snazzy selection of cinematic film posters, ads and magazine covers.

Enjoy the movie 🙂

Les Envahisseurs Sont Parmi Nous / Strange Invaders. 1983.

Star Trek the Motion Picture. 1979.

Star Trek The Motion Picture. 1979.

The Black Hole. 1979.

The Black Hole. 1979.

The Manitou. 1978.

Megaforce. 1982. US.

The Rescuers.. 1977.

La Bande à Picsou. 2019.

Thanks for watching 🙂

15 thoughts on “Saturday night at the movies

  1. Love the Red Sonja poster!
    I adore the original Predator, big time, so I haven’t had the wherewithal to watch the new one. Everyone I’ve talked to said it doesn’t live up!
    One of my fave older posters is from a B movie “Black Roses” It was my first foray into designing costumes for a movie. It’s a kind of … so bad it’s good bit of fun.
    I’ll put the link in the next comment box. 😀 x

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    • Same here, I love the original Predator and watched it again recently. Still a top film. Haven’t been too curious about seeing the new one.
      And yes, Black Roses, the cult Heavy Metal horror. I remember you sent me some links to a couple of the movie posters for that. Very cool. xXx

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