My First Barbie

You’re never too old, right?

Presenting, my first Barbie…

and a wonderful addition to TVTA’s toy collection – California Barbie, 1987.

My California Barbie came mint in her original European-issue box. The contents include Barbie, her accessories and paperwork, a catalogue, a mini comic, and a Beach Boys flexi-disc record: Living Doll, Brother Records, 1987.Β 

Barbie seemed more than pleased to join the other toys here at TVTA Towers…

But you should have seen her face when I told her I’d bought her a gift…

Her very own wheels… the California Barbie Dune Buggy!

Never one to miss a good photo opportunity, Barbie couldn’t wait to strike some poses…

Check out her glamour shots …

Catalogue, comic, flexi-disc scans

California Barbie, Danish advert, 1988

Thank you for California dreaming with us πŸ™‚Β 

17 thoughts on “My First Barbie

  1. YOUR BEST POST EVER! Barbie is beautiful, and your photos are inspired.
    Can you get some vintage Barbie gowns? There were some beauties. If you could get your Barbie into a gown or 2, I will reblog/or repost (because I’d like to include this post as well). That would be on Art Gowns, of course. WowX

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    • Thanks so much Resa. I had a lot of fun setting up that photo session for her, and for sure I’d love to get hold of some vintage gowns and make another session – I’ll see what I can do. Tell you what I do have coming in a post soon… and I know you’ll love it… I got hold of some 1964 Barbie catalogues – no photos in them, just beautiful, gorgeous and chic colour illustrations!! Can’t wait to post em up πŸ™‚ XxX

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  2. How weird I just had a dream I was playing with a Barbie, I was dressing her in shiny red disco pants… no joke! I have no idea why I would dream something that. Then, I wake up and see this post! Of course, I had Barbies too when I was a little gal… I was obsessed with their hair, especially, even more so than their clothing, LOL. I like the palm tree earrings on this one! πŸ™‚

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  3. This Barbie has some awesome accessories!

    I remember my first Barbie, too. I played with that thing for HOURS. Even after part of one leg broke off – I think my brother was conducting Scientific Experiments – I still loved playing with her and would not trade her for another.

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