’78-’79, comic book art

Another selection of comic book adverts, art and covers for your enjoyment. Featuring DC publications from the US, 1978 and 1979. Enjoy 🙂

The Mystery and Madness of Weird War Tales

Battle Classics and The Unknown Soldier

Time Warp, Hostess Fruit Pies Wonder Woman, Help Your Hero, Hubba Bubba 

Centuri Model Rockets, Superheroes Glue Stics, Atlantic Toy Soldiers, Raleigh Rampar BMX

Yikes! What is that… some alien or monster trying to break out of the side panel of the Ford Street Machine??

Monogram. 1978. US.

And lastly, holy taste buds! fancy a trip to Gotham?

Clark Bar Superhero Sweepstakes. Double page. 1978. US.

Thanks for visiting. Stop by again soon for a brand new entry on ‘Curve Huggers’, plus a special View-Master ‘viewing’ of a vintage fiftieth anniversary Disney character!

28 thoughts on “’78-’79, comic book art

  1. There’s a vintage comic book shop a few stores away from me. Think I’ll go have a look in in a week or so, and see what they have. They also sell figures and other memorabilia, including old comic book character Pez dispensers. If I see something really cool, I’ll take pics.

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  2. Hi TVTA, I have read a few of the “Weird War Tales” comics. It reminded me of the air force pilot that shot himself down. He took a shot at an enemy aircraft as the pair went into a dive but missed, however, by a twist of fate (and laws of gravity) the air force pilot’s plane accelerated quicker than the falling bullets he’d fired. He ended up flying into the shower of bullets he’d fired and hit himself. He survived and had to bail out and live with the notoriety of having taken himself out of the war. Great ads as always.

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  3. Brilliant adverts! That Help Your Hero ad brought back memories. I had that bridge and Batmobile set, which you connected to a plunger / spring , and when you pressed it the bridge would break up as if it’d exploded! It was great fun. I also had the Wonder Woman version, which was a tower and the invisible plane. Again, you could press a switch, and the tower would collapse as if it exploded 🙂

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