Tomart’s Action Figure Digest, 2006

Cover: Tomart’s Action Figure Digest N°143, March, 2006. US.

A TVTA Special.

The Vintage Toy Advertiser tIme machine takes a short trip back to 2006 to look at some exceedingly cool toys – as featured in the March issue of Tomart’s Action Figure Digest N°143.

Images copyright of Tomart’s Action Figure Digest and are scanned and shown here for toy information and educational purposes. Click images to go bigger.

Rocky by Jakks Pacific

Jimmy Page, Freddie Mercury, Muhammad Ali, MOTU, John Lennon, Scarface, Pirates of the Caribbean by NECA 

The Notorious B.I.G., Miami Vice, Public Enemy by Mezco

DC Superheroes by Mattel

Marvel characters by Toy Biz and Medicom

Spawn, Aliens, Predator, Rambo

UK Toy Fair 2006

As always, thanks for looking 🙂

13 thoughts on “Tomart’s Action Figure Digest, 2006

  1. Some excellent figures / toys here. Particularly digging the Rocky ones… and theres something special about the Mezco figures, isn’t there? They just look very cool.

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  2. Great to see all of these! As you know, I have the ROCKY ones, and it’s fun to see the differences between these prototypes and the final products. It’s funny that they put Mr. T’s trademark gold chains on a Clubber Lang prototype when of course Clubber in the movie didn’t wear them.

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  3. So cool! Freddie looks awesome. I remember seeing a ‘giant’ figure which looked very similar and played some Queen songs. And I could tell those Rocky figures were Jakks right away – their moulds are the same as some of my old WWE guys 🙂

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  4. Hi again, I have only had the Supreme Leader Snoke Black Series figure in hand to look at but it was impressive. It was for sale in a charity store for £20 which wasn’t much cheaper than new. I give to charity when I can but I noticed the shop had SIX more of the Snoke figure behind the counter so must have gotten a job lot. Sadly I felt the figure wasn’t quite the same bargain after that.

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    • I have Snoke, a very impressive figure but wouldn’t have paid that charity shop price either. If you have a Forbidden Planet shop nearby it’s always worth checking as they sometimes sell end of the line figures for as little as a fiver! I’ve picked up a few bargains that way.

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      • Thanks TVTA I’ll have to take a look at that tip!
        Sorry I’m late replying but WordPress seem to be updating my site dashboard again and I didn’t get an alert you had commented. The map showing commenter’s locations is also glitchy.

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  5. Hi TVTA, I didn’t know Jakks made the Rocky Balboa range of figures, I knew about their WWe wrestling figure range but never seen the Rocky ones. However I have to mention the Freddie Mercury statue, I saw that in a full page advert on the back cover of a magazine and I thought it was real photo of Freddie! The detail in that figure is astounding but sadly as always I couldn’t afford one! Thanks for another great collection.

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    • Some of the likenesses of the characters are outstanding aren’t they. Same as you I can rarely afford any of these deluxe figures – to be honest though for the same price or thereabouts I could get a bundle of other figures at the cheaper end of the scale, like the Star Wars Black Series 6″ which are usually top notch.


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