Beware of the shark!

Ministry of Toys advice for parents and young children: 1, Do not put hands into mouth of shark. 2, Do not encourage shark into bathing area. 3, Do not take selfie with shark. 4, Do not pet shark. 5, Do not throw peanuts, fish, live monkeys or hamburgers at shark. Above all, treat with respect and remember you are the visitor in the world of shark.

Jaws/Les Dents De Le Mer game. 1981. France

Alternate Version. 1981. France.

Sky Shark. 1990. US.

In other vintage news…

I have the power!

Masters of the Universe. 1986. Italy.

I have an awesome bed!

Barbie. 1986. Italy.

I have a cold hand…

Big Jim. Dr Steel. 1970s. France.

…But a warm heart!

Baby Face. 1990. US.

Just in!! Bionics, Joes, Jims, RPGs, cars, art, BMX

And lastly…

Remember – beware of the shark!

Petra / Lotte dolls. 1978. Denmark.

Cover for Télé Parade Mensuel N°6. 1978 featuring Jabberjaw and Scooby-Doo.

Thank you for observing sharks with us 🙂

8 thoughts on “Beware of the shark!

  1. Hi TVTA, Sketch-A-Graph! I remember that and I think we had a conversation about it a while back (Adams Technical drawing device). I also had the Oscar Goldman figure from the Six Million Dollar Man range. That “exploding booby trap” briefcase was dangerous…if used incorrectly it could have your finger off just like a shark!

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      • Hi TVTA, yes me and my brother had a Steve Austin each but there was a slight difference between the two. There was one that had a rubberised skin that you had to roll up to expose the “bionics” and one without. The version without the skin didn’t look as good and I think a bit cheaper. We also had the Mission Pod Rocket/Repair Station . It was shaped as a space rocket but once you removed the booster base and the nose cone you could unfold the cylindrical section to form an operating table on legs. You had lots of tubes to attach to Austin to perform maintenance on him!

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