Battleship / Bataille Navale France. 1969.

“You sank my battleship!”

Battleship, or Battleships, is a two-player game in which you guess the location of your opponent’s fleet of ships on a concealed numbered and lettered grid. The aim is to destroy your opponent’s fleet before your own fleet is destroyed. Battleship can be dated back to World War I when it was a home-made pen and paper game. In later years numerous companies published printed pad-and-pencil versions, then in 1967 the Milton Bradley company (MB Games) produced a plastic board and peg version with miniature ships. Later incarnations by MB included electronic, speaking, and player vs computer versions.

Battleships. UK. 1983.

Torpedo Run / Opération Torpilles and Touché Coulé Computer / Electronic Battleship. 1988. France.

Touché Coulé / Battleship traditional and elctronic. 1995. France.

Bataille Navale Electronique Parlante / Electronic Speaking Battleship. 1995. France.

Combat Naval. 1995. France.

20 thoughts on “Battleship

  1. Well, unless my Barbie could have her own ship….. Hmm, Mattel may have missed out here. Barbie’s Battle Ship, with amazing outfits for being an Admiral… etc. Just saying, it would have lured me in. Of course I was busy with Barbie’s Dream Home & Fashion Shop, even if they were my friend’s older sister’s hand me downs!


  2. Hi TVTA, I had an early version of the MB Games clamshell non electronic Battleship. It didn’t have the extra decoration to make it look like a ship’s control panel, it was just a peg board with compartments for the pegs. But I did add a little twist to the game and that was to include an aircraft carrier. It was shaped 5 pegs long with a row of 3 next to it. If you “fired” from the carrier you could make it an airstrike so if you called target B5 but your opponent was in B6 you still scored a hit as your attack also affected adjacent pegs (basically a 3×3 zone). But your carrier could be sunk with much less damage. I should have suggested that modification to MB!

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      • Hi TVTA, it was just a basic early version. Glad you liked the idea of “Aircraft Carriers”. It was back when a lot of American carriers were patrolling and in the news and I thought they would add a tactical dimension to the game that was missing.

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  3. I had that Torpedo Run game. It was awesome and I’d love to get it for my kids but it was pricey last I checked on ebay. What’s funny about the ad is that the kid in the red shirt is cheating, he went way over the line to fire.

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