Train sets

Lehmann 74 train set. FAO Schwarz 1974 1975 Winter Fall catalogue. US.

All aboard. TVTA is pleased to present a selection of international print adverts featuring train sets, models and accessories by Lima, Märklin, Hornby, Fleischmann and others.







Lego train sets

Brio wooden train sets

Post updated 08/09/23 with new images.

Thank you for travelling with TVTA 🙂

17 thoughts on “Train sets

  1. Hi, #BryntinsBLT came by your blog today.
    (Unfortunately the BLT bit stands for Blog Leap Tour, not that I am about to bring you a tasty sandwich.)
    I’ll be leaving a link to this post on a #BryntinsBLT post on my blog later today and will now be leaping off to visit someone who has already liked your post before I got here.
    The idea is just to randomly jump around and see where I go in the world and I hope the (sparse but growing) readers of my blog, seeing me discover yours, might leap around the links too.
    (If you have pingbacks turned on you can see where else the tour ended up!)
    Anyway, sorry to interrupt. Carry on.

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  3. I loved train sets as a kid. These adverts are such fun to see. I remember we had a toy shop and upstairs they had all train sets, there was a working display with green hills, stations / buildings, and trains going round and round. Like scaletrix racing sets / cars, the trains and carriages were in big glass cases on the walls. You could spend ages just looking at them all 🙂

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  4. I was always fascinated with the boys and their train sets. Of course, as a girl, I got dolls and toy dishes. There were girl toys and boy toys. So glad things have loosened up! 😀

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    • You’re right things have loosened up a bit. It’s funny looking back at some of the old ads to see how rife the boy/girl segregation was back then. As a boy I was intrigued by Barbie and her colourful clothes and accessories, and lucky I had two female cousins around my age so I got to ‘play’ dolls a few times at family get togethers without my mates finding out and giving me stick. My cousins also introduced me to the wonders of Cabbage Patch dolls and My Little Pony 🙂


  5. I never had a train set, but I had wanted one for the longest time. Not sure where the desire to have one came from, but I only moved on from that when I was in my 20s.

    My kid has something like that wooden set. Received it from my sister, as she said her lad was disinterested in it. It’s got wooden trains with magnets, which is kinda good fun.

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  6. Hi TVTA, I was a Hornby Trains kid myself and owned an Inter-City 125 High Speed Train (the same as the one pictured in the Lima ad) and was fortunate enough that my Dad owned a Tin-plate Flying Scotsman 4472 limited edition set.
    I did own one Lima set and it was an Intercontinental Express passenger train set. It was quite good for a kid but just lacked the quality of Hornby.

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    • Hi FT. I didn’t have any train sets (I had a Scalextric and TCR), so I have to be content with looking at my ads. It’s a pity I still haven’t got any Hornby ads yet – they’re on my to get list. And yes I remember when the Intercity 125 was launched in the 80s – a really cool looking train.

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      • Hi, I was fortunate to have the train sets but we didn’t have the space in our house to keep them set up on a permanent scenery board. And I only ever got to travel on an Intercity 125 once but I’ll never forget it. The route and train was so popular that when my family got to board it there were no more seats left. We had to sit on suitcases in the area near the doorway and in the concertina style connection between carriages! The funny thing was my elder brother was leaning on that concertina section and as the train travelled round a bend it bunched up and partially crushed him! (not seriously but it nipped his bottom and left a few bruises)

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      • Love the 125 story 🙂 I went on it a few times when we lived in Brum.
        Yep, we had the same space issues with the Scalextric. We’d spend ages setting it up, a couple of hours of play – including the family cats who stalked and chased the cars around on the track, then after that it was time to put it all back in the box for another day.

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  7. I love this stuff. Sadly, I don’t have the time for this hobby, but I always respect those who do such a great job putting together all the hills, buildings and other set pieces for their trains to go through.

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