Wow, she said, what freshness! Minty, flashes of taste! Let’s dance!

Freshen-Up Gum. 1970s. France.

In other vintage fresh news…

Sony Walkman Quick Hamburgers prize competition

Sony Walkman. 1981. France.

Role Playing Games, dolls, cars and toy soldiers

Pez puzzle puzzlement

Pez. Pif Gadget. 1984.

You know we can’t go on like this. Tell ’em Reggie…

Baseball Trading Cards. 1990. US.

Just give us your poems and we’ll say no more…

Poems. 1976. US.

Thank you for getting fresh with us πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “Fresh

  1. Those Stimarol ads are amazing! Anyhoo, I was a big Matchbox fan when I was younger… I used to pick one up every weekend at the Barrowlands when I was out with my grandad (he would pick up old watches that he’d fix). Very fond memories of that.

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    • Sweet memories about your grandad buying you Matchbox. I always get a nostalgia rush whenever I see those car boxes with the cool artwork. In the school holidays I’d stay with my great gran and she always bought me a few Matchbox and sometimes Britains soldiers. Happy memories for sure.

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