Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon Strange Adventure Magazine, 1936. image from Wikipedia

Comic strip space adventurer Flash Gordon was created and drawn by Alex Raymond in 1934. The character has appeared in multiple worldwide comic publications, three film serials, a radio serial, novels, a stage musical, three animated TV series, an animated TV movie, a feature film, and two live action TV series. TVTA is pleased to present a selection of Flash Gordon print adverts, covers and other related items.

Flash Gordon AKA Guy l’Éclair in French-language publications. 1978. Belgium.

Flash Gordon comic strip advert. 1980. France.

Pif Gadget free toy ‘Le Pistoflash’, 1980

Double page advert for Pif Gadget N°612 and free toy. 1980. France.

Gaf View-Master Cartoon Favorites. Flash Gordon in “The Planet Mongo”, 1976.

Flash Gordon Weetabix movie cards. UK. 1981.

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8 thoughts on “Flash Gordon

  1. I remember going to the theatre to see the movie. I didn’t particularly like the Queen soundtrack at the time, but I must admit that it has grown on me. I wish they had mentioned it in the Bohemian Rhapsody movie. Oh well.

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      • I was looking at the DVD on the site of a certain online retailer and see that it’s often bought with Masters of The Universe. Fancy that. Customers rate both highly… (I thought Masters was pretty dreadful, so maybe I need to revisit that, too).

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      • Interesting. I remember I hated Masters when it came out. Same as Judge Dredd with Sly Stallone – but when I watched Judge Dredd again recently I was surprised how cool some of the film actually is, and that it didn’t suck half as much as I believed it did back then, even though it still kind of sucked a bit.


      • Strangely enough I just read mastermixmovies post about Stallone’s Dredd. First time I’ve thought about it for a while. Anyhoo, like you I hated it. Can’t imagine watching it now… but maybe I’ll put it next to Flash Gordon on the revisit list.

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