Barbie 60s 70s Benelux France

France. 1960s.

Benelux. 1970.

Belgium. 1960s.

France. 1973.

Barbie and her friends comic strips. 1965. France.

Thank you for watching Barbie TV(TA) with us 🙂

9 thoughts on “Barbie 60s 70s Benelux France

  1. Hey, I just combed through your Barbie posts. Have you ever been to my Art Gowns blog?
    Anyway, I do Art Gowns Update posts between actual Art Gowns. I’m almost finished a new Art Gown, and that will be my next post.
    It takes 4 – 6 months to make an Art Gown. So I do Updates Posts. I’d like to include a couple of your Barbie pics… in gowns, with a link to your blog, if you okay it.

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