Matchbox military vehicles

“M.K.” is the only artist I can see credited among these 9 superb French print adverts for Matchbox military vehicles from the 1970s. The artwork successfully captures the dynamics of land, sea and air combat as Matchbox explored the theme of war through their popular model kits and die cast lines like Sea-Kings, Battle-Kings and Sky-Busters.

Matchbox Spitfire model kit. Artist signature “M.K.” in bottom left.

thanks for looking šŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Matchbox military vehicles

  1. Hi TVTA, I had 2 or 3 of these toys actually. I had the Sea Kings ship with the grey hull and red deck (not sure what ship it is). I do recall that the gun turrets were moveable. Out of the Battle Kings range I had the two American battle tank models. I thought I owned one of the Spitfire models too but I think mine is a later release as it is a different scale. I did have a Junkers Ju-87 Stuka die-cast model and it had a switch mechanism that released a miniature bomb.

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      • Hi again, your adverts always seem to unearth old items I’d forgotten I had in the past. Most of the die cast cars my brothers and I owned were all stored up in a large cardboard box and so I didn’t always take notice of the different brands. Now I’ll see ads on your site and I think ” I had one of those!” It’s scary in a way.

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      • That’s what I love about vintage advertising, there’s always some treat to see from the past – whether it’s a toy, food item, clothes or a film. Like you I’ve come across things that I remember owning once or that friends had. It’s always a buzz seeing them again.

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