12 Video Game Ads 1984 to 1994

Tiger Electronics Batman Returns. Detective Comics N°651. 1992.

Pac-Man Watches. The Incredible Hulk. 1984. US.

Taito titles for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The Young All Stars. 1988. US.

Zanac and Lunar Pool for the Nintendo and NES. The Young All-Stars. 1988. US.

Nintendo and Atari products. Netherlands.

Atarisoft. Alpha Flight N°8. 1984. US.

Sega Super High Impact. Detective Comics N°651. 1992. US.

Quarterback. Die Cut N°4. 1994. US.

Soldiers of Fortune. Die Cut N°4. 1994. US.

Kool Aid Nintendo offers. The Young All-Stars. 1988. US.

Thanks for looking 🙂

8 thoughts on “12 Video Game Ads 1984 to 1994

  1. Hi TVTA, Tiger Electronics made some great little handheld games. I never played the Batman game but I do have the Tiger Thumb Wrestling Electronic Game and the Tiger “Sting” WCW Power Fighter game (the one shaped like the wrestler figure). The battery life on the Sting game is phenomenal, I bought it around 20 years ago and it still beeps now and then.


      • Hi TVTA, I’m not sure but a lot of custom lightsaber owners would love a few batteries like these for their sabers!
        I do have one explanation for the battery life in the “Thumb Wrestling” game…it’s a game for two people (each player grips a handle, one either side) so if I tried competing against myself I always knew what my next move was and defended it – stalemate! I didn’t play that game much as a result ;D

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