TVTA-BUSTER Halloween Movie Madness!

This Halloween TVTA has taken over an abandoned Blockbuster video store… Please make your video selections from the °TVTA-BUSTER HORROR SHELF° below. Choose 2 titles and get a 3rd free! Or why not take our Bloody Halloween Special: 7 titles in exchange for a litre of blood? C’mon, it’s only a teeny tiny litre of blood – the average human body contains nearly 5 litres of the stuff. It doesn’t even have to be your own blood!

Presenting: 24 Japanese horror movie posters. From originals to remakes to recently made. Many titles you’ll recognise, others perhaps not, some drift into genres like sci-fi and fantasy while retaining a suitable horror element.

Go ahead… pick your films wisely, lock the doors, close the curtains and enjoy! And don’t forget to rewind the tapes back to the beginning before returning them to the store!


Oh oh, looks like someone slipped a copy of Toy Story into the Horror Section. Tut, tut, I hope that doesn’t mean some poor child somewhere is about to watch Hellraiser by mistake! Yikes, better get Wooof to go search the membership register pronto… 

11 thoughts on “TVTA-BUSTER Halloween Movie Madness!

  1. These are great. The Exorcist poster is classic – one of those you know right away. As is 28 Days Later. Probably some of my favourite images. I would have watched 28 Days Later last night if I could locate the DVD. Lord knows where it went. Instead I watched some comedy horror – The Babysitter. Enjoyable enough way to spend 80+ Halloween minutes.

    Hope you had a suitably spooky day and evening!

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  2. Hi TVTA, wasn’t me, I know how to index books using the Dewey Decimal system so I wouldn’t get my VHS’s mixed up! I gotta say there is something special about the posters from the 80’s-90’s. They are just classic, I think however I still like The Exorcist best – the way the light flows out the window onto the priest outside.
    (And no Ghoulies?)

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    • Mm, that Exorcist cover is a classic isn’t it. You’re right about that era of posters – such fantastic art that easily tugs our nostalgia tails now. There are so many horror titles I would have loved to add to this little collection, but some of the chirashi prices for horror are steep… understandable as they are after all original movie posters. I went over the TVTA budget a bit getting Phantasm and Poltergeist – but I simply had to have them 🙂 Ah, there was also this really cool Nightmare on Elm Street – very psychedelic! Will try for that next time.

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      • They are works of art, and my grandfather’s heritage helps me appreciate that. I also “met” someone today who visits your site, fellow blogger “Resa”. She has some impressive street/alley art on her site. She came to see my Ecto-1 hilt using the link you provided! Hope you have a trouble free Halloween evening!

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