Latest ads – an 80s mix

The weekend kicks off at TVTA with an 80s mix of ads for model kits, 007 role playing games, My Little Pony, Oodles, Playmobil, Dungeons & Dragons and Columbia BMX.  

Model Kits

MPC The Empire Strikes Back. Spider-Man N°14. 1981. US.

MPC Return of the Jedi. House of Mystery. 1983. US.

Masters of the Universe. Amethyst. 1984. US.

James Bond 007

007 Victory Games. Alpha Flight N°5. 1983. US.

007 Victory Games. The Incredible Hulk N°292. 1984. US.

My Little Pony

My Little Pony. De Speelboom N°3. 1987. Netherlands.


Oodles. Speelboom Club Journal N°4. 1987. Netherlands.


Playmobil. Intertoys Speelboek 1987. Netherlands.

Dungeons & Dragons

The Adventure Is Yours. The Defenders. 1982. US.

D&D Gazeteer. The New Mutants N°57. 1987. US.

Columbia BMX

Columbia BMX. The Incredible Hulk N°292. 1984. US.

Columbia BMX. Dazzler. 1982. UK.

Happy weekend and thanks for looking 🙂

16 thoughts on “Latest ads – an 80s mix

  1. Hi TVTA, I remember the MPC Star Wars models. I think I mentioned my father had the two droid models of R2-D2 and C3PO. They were so complex to build it was unreal. The models were jointed so they could be posed and R2 in particular had opening compartments with his gadget arms.
    And in regards to the BMX bikes I remember the famous Diamondback and Mongoose bikes. I actually knew a Britsh BMX freestyle champion from the late 80’s early 90’s and he visited my home once and taught me how to do the “Cherry-Picker” trick, where you balance on the rear wheel and step over the handlebars then hop on the BMX like a pogo stick. The problem was he demonstrated it in the lounge of the house 😀

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    • Hi FT. Ha, love the BMX story 🙂 I was so rubbish at BMX tricks but did enjoy messing about on them. The Diamondback and Mongoose you mentioned were really popular, as was the Raleigh Burner – cool looking bike that one. My best remembered bike though was a Raleigh Chopper. Loved that so much. My current two wheels is a ’96 Cannondale M500 (vintage again for me, ha). I’ve owned it for ten years now and it’s been a proper workhorse as I do a lot of cycling.

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      • I remember the Chopper bike too, long angled seat with a backrest and large drop headed handlebars! My BMX was actually built from various parts not from one manufacturer. The champ I spoke about built it for me with top notch parts, Stunt pegs, full floating headstock (enables the front fork to spin 360 degrees) low profile stunt sized pedals, the full works! I then got into road cycling for my health and I got a Falcon Phantom racing cycle. It was the same model as used by the Falcon Factory racing team that won the Round Britain Milk Race. But now I do more static cycling sadly.

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