Dutch Retro: Part Two

Continuing our series of cool toys available in the 1980s as advertised in the Netherlands. Catalogue scans are from Dutch editions of Speelboom Club Journal, De Speelboom and Intertoys Speelboek. Enjoy 🙂

Battle Beasts. Speelboom Club Journal N°2. 1987.

Tomy. De Speelboom N°3 Nov 1987.

Potato Head Kids. De Speelboom N°3 Nov 1987.

Potato Head Kids. Speelboom Club Journal N°2. 1987.

Playmobil. De Speelboom N°3. Nov 1987.

Playmobil. Speelboom Club Journal N°5. 1988.

Jem, Moon Dreamers. Speelboom N°3. Nov 1987.

Filmation’s Ghostbusters. De Speelboom N°3. 1987.

My Little Pony. Speelboom Club Journal N°1. 1987.

My Little Pony. Speelboom Club Journal N°5. 1987.

Legs, legs, legggs and more legggggs…. Lots-a-Legggs!

Lots-a-Legggs. Speelboom Club Journal N°3. 1987.

Lots-a-Leggggs. De Speelboom N°3. Nov 1987.

Thanks for getting all leggy with us, join us again soon for Part Three of Dutch Retro and more 80s toy goodness 🙂

8 thoughts on “Dutch Retro: Part Two

    • Ode to the Rainbow Gift Pony : “It’s the eyes, the eyes… ponies mesmerise, get into your mind, pull down the blinds, hush now, close your eyes, everything’s fine, and it is, and you retain spidery-web memories of all their fun times and rainbow wine. So divine, their eyes, stare into the eyes of those pretty little ponies, and bewitch’d you become for evermore, and stranger things with gifts come knocking your door…”

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  1. I had those Battle Beasts! My brother and I also had the Laser Combat. Or a version of it. If it’s the same one, you could turn off the sensor so that it wouldn’t register the laser shot! Ha!

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  2. Hi TVTA, you have just posted an image that takes me back to my childhood and love of motor racing. I had that TOMY Formula 1 handheld. It was a great game but it also doubled as an alarm clock too. There was a folding leg built into the back so you could stand it up on your desk or bedside cabinet and for a small device the alarm was loud!

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    • Hi FT. Tomy had some quality toys and games. I love the crossover tech of the 80s with games that could become watches/alarms and watches/alarms that could become games. I used to have the Donkey Kong and Snoopy tennis game/watches. I also had this awesome chunky 90s Tetris watch – I played that thing so much!

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      • Yes I think Tomy were leaders and I really liked their binocular shaped “3D” games. One of the games was 3D Tank and it was like being in the film Tron playing it. With the binocular shaped housing you were immersed and felt like you were in the game. They did that long before VR games equipment like Oculus etc came out.

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