Dutch Retro: Part One

Presenting a new series of some of the coolest toys available in the 1980s as advertised in the Netherlands. Catalogue scans are from Dutch editions of Speelboom Club Journal, De Speelboom and Intertoys Speelboek. Enjoy 🙂

The Karate Kid, construction sets and robots. Speelboom Club Journal N°5. 1987.

Masters of the Universe. Speelboom Club Journal. 1987.

Playmobil. Speelboom Club Journal. 1987.

Lego. Speelboom Club Journal N°1. 1987.

Monchhichi. Speelbomm N°5. 1988.

My Little Pony. Speelboom Club Journal N°4. 1986.

Barbie. De Speelboom N°3. Nov. 1987.

Family Tree House. De Speelboom N°3. Nov 1987.

Hot Wheels. Speelboom Club Journal N°2. 1987.

Popples, Revell and Lego Technic. Speelboom Club Journal N°4. 1096.

Micro-Machines. Speelboom N°5. 1988.

Thanks for going Dutch with us, join us again soon for more 80s toy goodness 🙂

12 thoughts on “Dutch Retro: Part One

  1. I had a fair few of those Masters of the Universe toys. My mum and dad got my brother and me the Castle Greyskull, too. It was obviously a very cool thing to have.

    My sister had one of those Popple things… I’m fairly certain of it.

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  2. Hi TVTA, the eighties decade brought us some good toys! I remember the Karate Kid toy range. Just the other day on a forum I use I mentioned the Karate Kid Fly Catching Chopsticks. The two sticks were actually joined together with a spring and you squeezed them open and closed to catch the plastic fly which was attached on a thread. My chopsticks broke apart but I could still catch the fly regardless. It must be my “Force” reflexes!

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      • Hi yes they were basically elongated tweezers (like those found in the game “Operation”) Between the chopsticks was a semi-circular plastic spring connecting the two. They had the Karate Kid name/title etched into the sticks.
        I also see the Castle Greyskull playset mentioned in many “Top Toys of the 80’s” lists online as well.

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