’77-’12, comic book art

After a busy summer picking up new acquisitions in both France and the UK, the TVTA scanning room is piled high with books just bursting with goodness that can’t wait to get out! The following post is a companion piece to our previous post and features another fine selection of comic book covers and adverts. Enjoy 🙂 

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with T… Thanos! Secret Wars II. ROTJ N°137. 1986. UK.

The Invincible Iron Man N°129. 1979. Cover by Bob Layton. UK.

ROTJ N°148. 1986. UK.

The Daredevils. Doctor Who N°78. 1983. UK.

Spider-Man. ROTJ N°83. 1985. UK.

ROTJ N°50. 1984. UK.

And now… Introducing… A TVTA comic book special! (it was Wooof’s idea)… Dances With The Empire!

#1. All join hands dance the dance chant the chant

#2. Across the Empire the Hiromi always dance happy

#3. Do your funky D.I.S.C.O. baby!

#4. IG-88: Ben, may I have the pleasure of this next dance?

Ben: Sure, let’s dance, tin-head. And may the force be with you!

Ben Kenobi pin-up. ROTJ N°83. 1985. UK.

That’s all for now vintage mates, thanks for visiting. Stop by again soon for a quick look at some ‘Ghostbusters’ that may or may not be the ‘Ghostbusters’ you imagine… ???  

11 thoughts on “’77-’12, comic book art

  1. Just how many issues of Secret Wars did you guys have?
    For me, the first one was only 12 issues and the second one was nine (I hope it was nine…I really don’t want to have to go back and look at it)
    Have you read Slugfest: Inside the Epic 50 Year Battle Between DC and Marvel by Reed Tucker? It was quite interesting how yearly events started sculpting the comic book universe and publishing.

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  2. Love all the Star Wars images and covers, the ROTJ comic strips were really good, nice artwork in the series as this point. Nice to see Secret Wars II here as well, that one often gets overlooked I feel, and my fave of the bunch is that cover of the Daredevils featuring Captain Britain. Wonderful 🙂

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  3. Hi TVTA and Wooof, I really enjoyed this instalment. Captain Britain in Daredevils?…that’s a rare character to see nowadays. But as always my eyes were drawn to the Star Wars offerings. On the cover of ROTJ no.50 there is a picture of another book cover (with Luke and the Scout Walkers), well I got that book and still have it to this day! It was the complete ROTJ comic series bound as an Annual.
    And er, you do realise IG-88 and the guy in the dented helmet are Bounty Hunters?

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