’78-’18, comic book art

A selection of recent UK and US comic book pick ups showing covers, adverts and a superb Terry Austin Daredevil poster. 

Centrefold Daredevil poster by Terry Austin included in Rampage Magazine N°54, 1982.

Detective Comics N°651 cover art. Chuck Dixon, Graham Nolan, Scott Hannah. 1992.

Marvel Superheroes N°363 cover art insert. 1980. Sal Buscema.

Forbidden Planet 40th anniversary magazine. 1978 – 2018. UK. Artwork by Brian Bolland.

Batman / Judge Dredd. Judgement on Gotham – Vendetta in Gotham. 1991, 1993, 2018. 2000AD & DC.

That’s all for now. More comic art coming soon! Thanks for looking 🙂

15 thoughts on “’78-’18, comic book art

    • Yes, this is the UK version and probably differed from the north American releases in its numbering system and/or cover art. The UK versions were also bigger format – typically 11 x 8 inches (27.94 x 20.32 cm) approx., compared to the typical north American format of 10 x 6.5 inches (25.4 x 16.51 cm) approx.

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  1. Brilliant covers and artwork! That Daredevil poster is brilliant. Wonderful to see Mighty World of Marvel as well, such an iconic UK marvel comic, Secret Wars, and of course the brilliant Rampage the comic where I first read X-Men stories 🙂

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      • Rampage started out as a weekly comic, featuring the Defenders, and then eventually became a monthly title staring the Hulk. After that it had all the new X-Men stories up to their return and the Dark Phoenix saga. It was a great magazine. There were a couple of other good monthly comics as well, think one was Marvel Superheroes and the other was the Daredevils. Mighty World of Marvel is a big favourite of mine as well, it had brilliant covers! 🙂

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      • Thanks for that rundown Paul. I just found a great ad for The Daredevils that you mentioned which I’ll add in my next post coming up a bit later. I think you’re going to like that post too 🙂 Also found a small ad for Rampage but I’ve yet to scan that one.

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  2. Hi TVTA, great collection of cover art. I would easily frame these and hang them on my cave walls. I do have to say though having seen Dredd that I did enjoy the artwork of 2000AD. Must get hold of a few copies when I can.

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  3. These are great. That Daredevil poster is my favourite by a mile (I’m currently kinda obsessed with Daredevil), but I also really like that Detective Comics cover.

    Reckon I may pay Forbidden Planet a wee visit tomorrow!!

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    • Go for it! I really enjoyed my recent visit there while in the UK. When I saw the Rampage comic (in Nostalgia & Comics just a few streets away from FP) I noticed on the cover it said it came with a free DD poster… I was more than stoked to see that it was still inside it after all those years! Such a cool piece of art.

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