Dinky Toys & Supertoys 1963 – *commercial break

Dinky Toys tinplate advert. 2013. Editions Atlas.

*TVTA is taking a short break and will return soon with more retro goodness.

We leave you with the following scans which are from a reproduced and licensed 2nd edition 1963 Dinky catalogue, as made available in 2013 by Editions Atlas Collections, France.

Images and Dinky logo copyright of Mattel and Editions Atlas. Scanned by TVTA for information and education purposes only.


5 thoughts on “Dinky Toys & Supertoys 1963 – *commercial break

  1. For Tyeth

    Hi TVTA, wow a DUKW! I didn’t know there was a model of one of those. I got to get a close up look at a real “Duck” at a military museum near York in the UK. Great bit of technology. In London a company use two converted amphibian Ducks as tour buses and they ford the Thames…you can’t miss them they are painted bright yellow!

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      1. For Tyeth

        Yes DUKW are getting to be rare sightings. Sadly the museum I visited has closed so where the DUKW is now I have no idea. It was an impressive piece of kit though. The museum also had a Ferret scout armoured car (similar to the armoured car vehicle in the Action Man range)

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  2. airlandia

    I had an older cousin who owned the military vehicles and I have such fond memories of going to his house and spending hours playing with them.

    Have you ever done a blog post on Lesney toys?

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