The Ups and Downs of the Cat

“Wooof, please stop jumping up and down on top of the scanner,” I said to the office cat this morning. “Look what you’ve gone and done to our advert for ‘Splash Out’. I’m going to have to scan it again now!”

“It’s not me!” replied the cat. “It’s this new Yo-Yo I bought from the toy shop in town. It seems to have a mind all of its own!”

“Yo-Yo you say? That reminds me, I need to scan a couple of Yo-Yo adverts I found in the archives – if you’ve quite finished destroying the office equipment?”

“No worries,” said the cat. “I’ll go practice my Yo-Yo skills in the garden.”

“Not too close to the greenhouse though, eh?”

“Do you think I’m that daft?”

Later … Smash! Tinkle! Shatter! Meeeowwwlll!

1980s Coca-Cola and Fanta Yo-Yos by Russell

In other Up and Down news…
R2-D2 defies gravity, C-3PO keeps his feet on the ground …

Illustration by David Kawami from The Star Wars Question and Answer Book about Space. 1979.

Q: What cool thing happens when you cross a video game icon with bubble gum and pocket money? 
A: The Pac-Man Bubble Gum Money Box! (I so want one of these!)

Hamleys. UK. 1983.

Oops! Putting your foot in it …

Hamleys. UK. 1983.

Nadia and her gymnasium

Ets De Neuter. 1995. France.

Make friends … yes 🙂

Junior Sales Club. 1974

The Whizz Kids Guide, How To books

Star Wars Weekly. UK. 1979.

Big Jim, Big Josh, Big Jack, Dr. Acero

Congost catalogue. 1977. Spain.

Crashback – crushable and expandable vans on command! 

More Fun From Kenner. US. 1997.

XRC by Tonka

More Fun From Kenner. US. 1997.

Here be dragons …

Hamleys. UK. 1983.

That’s all for now vintage mates. I’m off to buy new window panes for the TVTA greenhouse. Wooof’s off to Yo-Yo lessons for cats. See you soon 🙂


8 thoughts on “The Ups and Downs of the Cat

  1. Hi TVTA, I too like the Star Wars advert but I would be remiss if I didn’t wish Wooof a happy International Cat’s Day (at least it is here in the UK!) But back to adverts I have one of the Russell Free Spinning Axle Yo-Yos! It is a Coca Cola one and I still throw it around to this day! I have bought other Yo-Yos but the Russell just tops all of them, great balance and they spin almost forever. I think I’ll have a little practice doing the “Cat’s Cradle” trick! Thanks guys.

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    • Hi FT. Wooof says thanks and a big Meow! We noticed it was Int Cat Day when we logged on over at Twitter earlier. That’s so cool you still have a Russell spinner. The one I had as a youngling used to light up and flash when in motion, don’t think it was a Russell though. As well as the ‘Cat’s Cradle’ trick you mention there is also one called ‘Skin the Cat’ (but don’t tell Wooof that).

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      • And don’t forget the “Dog Bite”! That one entails you flicking the Yo-Yo through your legs and allow it to begin retracting, but you make it brush against the leg of your trousers, where the Yo-Yo then grabs the material and drags it into the groove. The Yo-Yo is then suspended on your trouser leg until you jerk the string and pull it free to return to your hand. Of course you need to wear long trousers – so no shorts!

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    • I definitely need to invest in some more book shelves… Magazines, comics, catalogues, newspapers piling up everywhere! I just found a folder of modern stuff band and DJ flyers but can’t bear to get rid of them yet because of all the nice graphics that I might one day need for something.


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