Edocar die cast

Edocar catalogue. 1987. Netherlands. Front cover.

Edocar was a Dutch company that produced die cast vehicles adapted from the castings of other brands such as Maisto, Hartoy and Lledo. Promoting itself as ‘Finest Diecast Miniatures’, Edocar’s early models included 50 ‘Topmodels’ from its Mini Series and 8 ‘Oldtimers’.

The following scans are from 1987 and 1988 catalogues printed in Dutch, English, German and French language. The catalogues feature Edocar’s Coca-Cola promotion range, Super Wheels, a garage, petrol station and traffic signs accessories, a carry case in which to store vehicles, and a vintage Chevrolet van done out in the livery of model-making big names Airfix and Humbrol.

The company continued to release products into the 1990s and early 2000s. Some notable releases are a Flintstones Super Car Collection, an Alfred J. Kwak (Dutch cartoon character) series, motor bikes, and the ‘Music Car’ series in which vehicles would play songs when you pressed one of the wheels. Thanks to Planet Diecast for the additional info.

1987 catalogue

Edocar catalogue. 1987. Netherlands. Back cover.

1988 catalogue

Edocar catalogue. 1988. Netherlands. Front cover.

Edocar catalogue. Netherlands. 1988. Back cover.

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7 thoughts on “Edocar die cast

  1. Hi TVTA, I remember a few of these vehicles. I owned one of the “Super Wheels” Monster Truck models and the Dennis Camionette delivery truck. That Dennis truck was interesting as I got it through a promotion. A company that made beef extract/gravy powder had an offer to collect tokens and send them in to get a collectible “Bisto Gravy” van model. I also had the double bay garage, my brother used to use the door mechanism as a flipper to send cars flying all over the place!

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    • Cool you had some of those models. Once again I find myself stumbling on a line of die cast cars I’d never heard of. There are so many, and, as I’m finding out, a lot are recasts from other toy brands. And ah yes, the good old days when you could send off for promos and receive free toys. Still happens but not as much as it used to do I think.

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      • There is a potato crisp manufacturer called Smith’s who own a brand called “Salt ‘n’ Shake” that had small bags of salt you added yourself. They also offered a chance to get a liveried vanl. But I think the best token offer ever was the Action Man Rewards scheme. I got the Border Guard and Mastiff Bulldog figures from that.

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      • I remember Smith’s Salt n Shake well with the little blue bag of salt. Also remember the Action Man Rewards though I never sent off. So cool you got the Border guard and Mastiff, do you still have them?
        The last old thing I remember sending off for was the Walkers Tazos Star Wars Pogs album, and more recently some Playmobil figures from Prince chocolate biscuits in France. Going back to crisps though, do you remember Fish n Chips (I think they still make them), Smax, Atom Smashers and Football Crazy? Yum!

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      • Sadly no I don’t have the Border Guard and patrol dog now, they “somehow” got mixed in with my brother’s collection when he sold it. I think I have about 3 or four of those Tazo discs but that’s all.
        I recall “Fish’n’Chips” they came in a bag that looked like newspaper and Football Crazy were my favourites as a kid. I know now it was a waste but I used to save one to play flick finger football with!

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