Solido Catalogue 1973

Presenting scans from the French 1973 Solido die cast cars catalogue. Solido was established in 1930 by Ferdinand de Vazeilles in France. The company continues to produce die cast vehicles for the toy market today. You can see my Solido adverts here

“Solido likes to make cars for you; the rarest or the most beautiful; the most powerful or the most expensive; the most glorious or the most modern… that’s why the young and the collectors of the world wait for the new Solido models”  

All images from the Solido 1973 catalogue, France. Scanned by TVTA. Sources and further reading:

Solido Wikipedia entry

Solido website:  Solido

11 thoughts on “Solido Catalogue 1973

  1. Hi TVTA, more great memories. As you know I love motor sport so the racing models always get my attention. This time it is the Renault Alpine 1600 rally/race car (cat no 181) that got me, my brother had one exactly the same. If I recall correctly it had a small rabbit logo on the bonnet and my brother always called it his “BunnyCar”. He loved it and heaven help anyone who touched or played with it. Thanks.

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      • I think one of the manufacturers made a range of rally models which included greats from the Turbo and Class B category cars of the 70-80s period. Cars like the Lancia Delta and the RS200 and of course the all conquering AUDI 4-wheel drive Quattro S1, these were the ones I looked for. I also like Subaru’s Impreza WRC cars driven by McCrea and Solberg (I got the Solberg replica!).

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      • You are a man of great gaming taste, I had all the GT games, 1 thru 4 (then I had a problem with the PS3 disc loading system and couldn’t afford to repair or replace it) I spent hours (days) on that game. I managed 8 Le Mans 24hr wins to get the Audi race cars and all Gold Licenses! But skidding around in the gravel was fantastic.

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      • I also stopped after 4 and never updated to the PS3. The endurance races were brilliant, switching to the B spec mode and letting it run to your settings IIRC while you took a well-earned break.
        Like you, I dread to think how many hours/days/weeks were lost on those games. Absolutely brilliant series.

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      • You could switch to B-Spec and take a break? I did the whole race myself and just hit pause for a meal or comfort break! Doh! One year I synchronized my game with the real Le Mans race coverage and would have finished in the top five. That race was intense,


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