Baby Face Dolls

“Special super posin’ girl and boy dolls, with feelings you can see!” 

The Baby Face line of dolls was created by Mel Birnkrant in partnership with Kiscom Toys and was licensed in 1990 by the Galoob toy company. Despite only having a short shelf life Baby Face became one of the most popular brands of dolls of its time. Aimed at ages 4 and up, the 13 inch dolls came with removable outfits, diapers, hair accessories, shoes and socks, and were articulated at the head, shoulders, elbows, legs and knees.

“Baby Face dolls – each with a different adorable expression and personality”

One of the highlights of this line for me is the idea of facial expressions married to emotions. This is reflected in the names given to each doll: So Surprised Suzie; So Merry Kerri; So Caring Karen; So Playful Beth. Another highlight is the attempt at diversity with the inclusion of black and Hispanic dolls.

Ten out of ten to the team responsible for creating the photographs in the 1992 Galoob catalogue scans you are seeing in this post. The images are among the best toy photographs I’ve seen – and I’ve seen a fair few over the years. The exquisite photos capture perfectly the quality of the dolls, their outfits and emotions, with great attention paid to the wonderful scene-setting details – making each image a work of art.


Baby Face Magic Heart Charms

Special charms with a secret message that appeared when held in a child’s hand, plus love note and ribbon to use as a bracelet or doll necklace.

Bathtub Baby Face

“Super-posin’ new baby dolls that love to play in water!”

These dolls were designed for bathtub play and came with Special Bath Shirts that magically disappeared in water then reappeared when you dried the doll. 

Special Outfits and Fashion Diapers


Packaging examples

Images and information taken from the Galoob 1992 trade catalogue as scanned by TVTA. Special thanks to the wonderful site for additional information.

As always thanks for looking. This has been TVTA’s 499th post! Look out for post 500 coming soon 🙂

6 thoughts on “Baby Face Dolls

  1. Can I still purchase these dolls. My daughter had one but I was stolen. So I would like to replace it.


  2. Hi TVTA, wow another interesting batch of toys. I think this post would really fascinate my first ever follower named Abby. Abby ran a blog dedicated to dolls and carried out photo shoots with her collection of American Girl/American Guy dolls (AG Dolls). To think these Baby Face Dolls might have been the forerunners to AG! (Wowzer! 500 posts? I’ll have to view that one!).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi FT, thanks. Will have to check out the AG line of dolls. I’m really impressed with the Baby Face line – the catalogue page photography for them is superb. Yes, after a fair few years of blogging this site I’ve finally reached the 500th post milestone!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hello again, blogging is an amazing hobby, I never imagined I would be having conversations about dolls but here I am. And I’m looking forward to your milestone and will be sure to comment. Thanks.

        Liked by 1 person

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