IDEA 170 – Japanese magazine of international graphic art (pt2)

Welcome to the concluding part two of IDEA 170. Part One can be seen here

Idea 170. 1982. Cover. Stephan Kantscheff.

IDEA is a Japanese / English language magazine that focuses on graphic design and typography. Published quarterly in Tokyo, Japan, its first issue was in 1953. The following scans are from issue 170 published for 1982. Click images to go bigger.

Shigeo Katsuoka (Japan) symbol marks


Herb Lubalin / MJ Baumwell / Ed Benguiat / Lubalin Peckolik Associated


Exxon Calendar

Mickey Mouse. Oswaldo Miranda / Gravartex / Miran Studio

NASA poster


Design desk. Idea 170. 1982. Japan.

Canon Izumiya. Idea 170 1982. Japan.

Machines. Idea 170. 1982. Japan.

Layout. Idea 170. 1982. Japan.

Nicker acrylics. Idea 170. 1982. Japan.

Nouvel design markers. Idea 170. 1982. Japan.

Thanks for looking 🙂

Image sources: Idea 170, 1982. Copyright Idea. Scanned by The Vintage Toy Advertiser for information and research purposes.

7 thoughts on “IDEA 170 – Japanese magazine of international graphic art (pt2)

  1. Hi TVTA, it may be a simple sans serif font but the ABC Movies image brings back some great memories for me. As a child my local cinema was an ABC/Cannon cinema and my father knew the chief projectionist so I got to see a few “special screenings” and was allowed numerous visits to the projection room. The projector was complex and quite rare so only three people in my town who knew how to operate the cinema’s projector – the Chief, his assistant and me! Thanks for the flashbacks!

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      • Every now and then I would get theatrical posters too but alas they either got damaged through time or “disappeared”. Even to this day I look for the little black timing markers in the corner of the screen of old films and “count in” when the next reel of film should be sett rolling.

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